Home really is where the heart is, and there’s nothing quite like the cozy comfort of a sofa in the living room or family room. But have you ever considered the blank wall space above? If you have ever caught yourself wondering at the empty space above the sofa, you’re not alone! The wall above the sofa is often overlooked (after all, you’re normally facing away from it towards the TV), but it’s a great opportunity to be creative in the living room and inject some personality into the space.

In this article, I’m going to share 3 Ways to Decorate Above the Sofa so you can choose a route that suits you and your home. These decorative ideas are sure to infuse personality, style, and vision into your living room or family room. Whether you’re a minimalist – or maximalist! – there are ways you can use each of these ideas to suit your personal style.

Are you settling into a new home? Or do you fancy refreshing your living room? These 3 Ways to Decorate Above the Sofa are sure to inject creativity and a sense of style into your home.

Let’s explore 3 Ways to Decorate Above the Sofa in more detail!

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1. Artwork


Perhaps one of the most straightforward ways to decorate above the sofa is through artwork! With so many different styles available, there is something for everyone and every space.

Large-scale artwork works best here as it helps to anchor the space, and doesn’t run the risk of getting lost amongst the rest of the space. Alternatively, you can use two or three pieces that are of similar style and feature the same colors. Many stores sell artwork sets which are ideal!

Choose from a framed piece of art, framed photography prints, or canvases!

For modern homes or those that prefer a more minimal approach to home decor, choose photography prints or abstract pieces of art.

Conversely, for those who prefer a more maximalist approach, choose a variety of different styles and colors that you love to use in the home.

3-Piece Large Abstract Artwork Set

This set of three large pieces of artwork is ideal for installing above the sofa! We love the soft muted colors used.

Framed Print

Use an oversized framed print for the blank wall above the sofa to inject some color and visual interest to the space.

Three Dimensional Natural Fiber Wall Art

Three dimensional wall art is perfect for injecting texture into any living room!

Landscape Framed Wall Art, Set of 2

Use a set of 2 pieces of wall art and keep things simple! We love the warm and coral colors used in these pieces.

2. Experiment with Texture


Instead of displaying artwork above the sofa, consider experimenting with texture and add a more permanent feature of the room.

You could add wallpaper to the wall to introduce patterns and extra color into the space. Did you know that peel-and-stick wallpapers are super popular now? They allow you to easily apply wallpaper and remove it just as easily too! This way, you can switch up the style of your living room if needed.

Are you a fan of wood paneling? This is a great option for adding warmth and texture into your living room, while simultaneously making the area above the sofa more interesting.

3. Gallery Wall


Did you know that there are many different types of gallery walls that you can choose from? From a gallery wall of family photographs to fun prints and wall decor pieces, you can make your gallery wall totally unique to you and your style.

Create an eye-catching display by mixing family photographs with framed prints and other decorative pieces.

For a modern arrangement, use frames of the same size and shape. And for a more organic, and free layout, choose a mixture of shapes and sizes!

Top Tip: Before hanging your new gallery wall up, lay everything out on the floor until you’re happy with a pattern you like!

6-Piece Gallery Wall Set

Use a gallery wall set like this one to create a curated gallery wall above your sofa!

Antique Brass Dimensional Wall Art

Layer your gallery wall arrangement with decorate wall art! These antique brass pieces are ideal for injecting some visual interest.

Walnut Gallery Frames

These walnut gallery frames will bring a sense of warmth to the living room while providing you with a great base for creating a gallery wall!

8-Piece Champagne Frame Set

This 8-piece frame set is perfect for creating an eye-catching display above the sofa.

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