5 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Space


The world of interior design is shifting a lot at the moment, particularly with styles and color palettes. Many homeowners are now seeking to create a warmer interior using brown and beige shades. Those with a minimalistic taste or love for modern design could find that creating a warm atmosphere in their spaces is more difficult.

There are several ways you can add warmth to your space, and these vary significantly in terms of cost. So there is something for everyone’s price point! Creating a home that looks and feels warm doesn’t have to cost the earth, and some small changes can make a huge difference.

Over the years we have designed hundreds of spaces for clients, and one of the main requirements for many of them has been to help them create warmth in their home.

Today we’re going to share our top tips and ideas on how you can add warmth to your space too! With our 5 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Space, you can easily create a home you love.

Let’s take a look!

Sherwin Williams Forever Green paint color

A Rich Color Palette

Firstly, it’s the color palette of the space.

The colors we use in our home have a huge impact in the way that we feel and experience a space so having a good understanding as to which colors add warmth to a space is an important first step. A rich and deep color palette will always add warmth to a space, so deep and dark colors like burgundy red, navy blue, and dark brown and black can all help to create a warm interior.

Colors that naturally occur in nature can also help to create warmth in a space. Browns, greens, grays, golds, can all influence the feeling of warmth in a home.

From the colors mentioned above, choose a neutral and one or two others that can be used as accent colors for accessories or decor.

Different Textures

Texture is another important element of an interior, and can also provide an element of warmth too. Layering different textures is the key to injecting warmth into any space.

Have a look at the large pieces of furniture that you have, what material have they been upholstered in? Choose different fabrics to layer on top of them. For example, a linen blend sofa could have velvet and cotton blend decorative pillows with a chunky knit throw blanket layered on top. This creates the layering of different soft textures that provides the feeling of warmth in the space.

A similar principal applies to pieces of furniture too! Instead of having a sofa and accent chairs upholstered in the same type of fabric, choose a contrasting one for the chairs instead. This will then help to showcase different textures throughout the space.

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Boucle Decorative Pillow

Add a texture like boucle into your home through a decorative pillow! 

Chunky Knit Blanket

A chunky knit blanket like this one is a great way of adding warmth into any space.

Cozy Fleece Pillow

Consider adding a fabric that you wouldn’t ordinarily use, like these cozy fleece decorative pillows!

Fringed Checkerboard Blanket

This beautiful checkerboard blanket is ideal for adding into your living room to inject warmth.

Elements of Wood

One of the key ways to add warmth to your space is through elements of wood. This could be through simple floating shelves, a coffee table that has a wooden frame, a wooden fireplace mantel, or decorative elements that have been made from wood.

Different species of wood may give a different shade, but they all have one thing in common – wood is typically brown and is one of the easiest ways of injecting warmth into a space.

Rustic Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a super easy way of adding an element of wood into your space.

Dark Wood Buffet Sideboard

Add a wooden piece of furniture into your home to add a sense of warmth! We love this buffet.

Side Tables

Raw elements of wood are great for adding an organic element into your home while adding warmth too.

Live Edge Teak Bowl

Alternatively, use this live edge teak bowl as a smaller element of wood in your home!

Set the Mood with Decor

Decorative accessories also have the power to add warmth to your space. Particularly candles; they can set the tone for the space through a specific scent and also the general ambiance that they provide. Simply lighting a candle can switch the whole atmosphere.

Similarly, decorative pieces and ornaments help to inject personality and warmth too. Think about the types of books you have on display on the coffee table, what material a vase is made from, and what elements of wood you can add.

Neroli Vetiver Scented Collection

This collection of scented candles and diffusers are perfect for creating warmth in your home.

Reed Diffuser

We love this reed diffuser as the black glass adds warmth, while the scent sets the mood too.

Cotton Linen Curtains

Use a soft fabric curtain panel – like these cotton linen blend ones – to create a coziness to your space.

Artisan Clam Candle

Double up your decorative pieces with this artisan candle!


Setting the mood leads us straight into the power of good lighting! As you will know from experience, lighting has the power to create all sorts of different moods in a space, and getting this element of design right is crucial for adding warmth.

Make sure you are using warm white bulbs where you want to create a warm atmosphere. Do you have different types of lighting in this space? Layering different light types can help to give you flexibility, and therefore create warmth in a space when required.

Table lamps, wall sconces, and other decorative pieces of lighting can help to bring a sense of warmth into a space. While you may wish to have perimeter recessed lights to provide general everyday light, and a decorative chandelier in the center to supplement this.

Antique Brass Floor Lamp

We love this antique brass floor lamp because the finish adds warmth, as well as the light it provides!

Glass Table Lamp

Use a glass table lamp to set the tone in your living space. We love the soft warm glow lamps provide.

Bronze Wall Sconce

A simple wall sconce like this one has the power to set the mood in any space.

Textured Table Lamp

Use this table lamp to add a textured element of decor to your home, while providing accent lighting too!

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