Once an interior design project of mine is completed, I like to go back to the client’s home and style the space. Depending on the type of project and room it is will influence the level of styling required and what sort of items I use and suggest to the homeowners.

not only smell great, they look great too! Whether they are added to shelving or a tray in the powder room, they are great to use to finish the space off.

Styling a home is like accessorizing an outfit, and decor pieces are the finishing touches to your room. One room I love to style is the powder room! Usually these are small but mighty, and the finishing touches really make all the difference to how a powder room looks and feels.

As the powder room is predominantly used by guests when entertaining, it’s important to keep that in mind when styling and finishing off the decor. Here are my top 5 ways to style your powder room!




Candles are a popular home accessory because they come in many sizes, scents, and colors. There is a candle out there for every type of interior!

In a powder room though, use a candle to accessorize a shelf, vanity unit, or place it on a tray if there is enough surface space. Scented candles are a fantastic option for powder rooms because they will help to keep the air fresh.

Choose a scented candle that comes in a glass jar that smells fresh or has a complimentary color to the powder room design. This will finish the space off perfectly.

This beautiful is perfect for adding to a powder room! The colors and pattern bring an extra layer to the design of the room itself.


Reusable Towels


Towels are another way of bringing more color or pattern into your powder room. They are also a great decorative touch to add to small baskets or to roll up and display on shelves. Using towels to style your powder room in these ways makes it feel more luxurious and spa-like!

If your powder room design is fairly minimal and neutral, add some color through reusable towels. These could be plain, solid colors or patterns to add some extra texture.


Add reusable towels to your powder room to add extra color or texture. These can also be used to bring pattern into the space too! Choose a complementary color to your walls.

This is a fun way of adding shelves to a powder room! Style with a candle, potted succulent and spare hand towels.


Shelving with Accessories


A great design trick I love to use for powder rooms, and smaller toilet areas of other bathrooms, is floating shelving with accessories. Adding wall-mounted shelves helps to distract the eye from the actual toilet and focuses your gaze elsewhere.

Shelving opens an array of styling opportunities! You could add a candle, scented air diffuser, framed prints, small baskets with additional toilet paper or towels, and even a small potted plant or succulent. No matter the style or colors already used in your powder room, you can add to this through the styling on these shelves.


Get creative with your powder room and add some wall-mounted shelving! You can accessorize your shelves in any way you prefer: candles, diffusers, potted succulents, or spare toilet paper.


These small storage baskets are ideal for use in powder rooms! Store spare hand towels and toilet paper.

Storage Baskets


I love using storage baskets in any interior project I can because they are so versatile! While they are hugely practical for storing various items throughout the home, they also add to a room’s decor. You can either go with a fabric style basket or embrace the natural textures of seagrass or wicker.

In powder rooms, use large storage baskets on the floor to store additional toilet paper. Alternatively, you can use smaller storage baskets to store spare towels, soap, and lotion. These baskets look great when displayed on floating shelves!


Storage baskets are helpful for storing additional towels or toilet paper and keeping them out of sight but available for guests if needed. You could even add a vanity tray to the sink area!


Add some framed wall art to your powder room to add extra color, texture, and pattern! We love .

Wall Art


Wall art is a popular accessory to use throughout the home to add extra color and texture to spaces. 

If your powder room is neutrally decorated, consider using a colorful set of wall art to bring depth into the room. And for colorful powder rooms, use neutral pieces to help create a balance.

Aside from the art piece itself, there are often multiple frame options too! Making wall art a fantastic styling option for many environments. 


How have you styled your powder room? Would you add anything else to this styling list? Hopefully, this blog post has given you some styling ideas for your powder room! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.