Back to School Organization


Fall is upon us and that can only mean one thing – Back to School for many kids! My twins start kindergarten this fall and I’m full of mixed emotions. But to make sure my husband and I are focused on making sure the kids get off to a good start, organization in our house has been crucial!

When the kids go back to school it can be a really stressful time for everyone. The kids may be experiencing some anxiety or apprehension around going back to school, and as parents we can get in all the feels too! The last thing anyone needs are rushed mornings trying to get out of the door because school items aren’t organized properly, or the house being turned upside down to facilitate homework sessions.

So today I want to share my insight, top tips, and ideas on how you can get organized for the back-to-school season! I hope with this article I can help you to prepare your home for when the kids are back to school.

Let’s explore some back-to-school organization ideas!

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Set the Family Up for Success


Before I go into some back to school organization ideas, it’s important to think about how you can set the whole family up for success when school starts again. Think back to last year, what worked really well for the kids? And was there anything that didn’t work well and could do with some improvement? These are good places to start making changes. Your first year sending kids off? Ask trusted friends for their advice!

At our house, we have a dedicated place for backpack storage and their folders. We showed them where their backpacks live when they’re at home, and the various other places where things will be stored for them to do their homework. 

Having this open dialogue with the kids gets them on board with keeping the house tidy and organized, and something I highly recommend to other parents!


Backpack Drop-Zone


One aspect of organizing the home for going back to school is having a backpack drop-zone. I have spoken about creating a drop-zone previously, and this is a very similar concept but designed specifically for the school backpacks.

Think about when the kids come home from school where they put their backpacks. Are they thrown down on the floor? Or put away neatly into storage cubbies or hung on wall hooks?

By having a designated place for the school backpacks you can keep any school-related items stored together, neatly out of the way from normal non-school-related items.

Bronze Hexagon Wall Hook

Install stylish wall hooks to your entryway, mudroom or other area, for your kids to hang their school backpacks at the end of each day. We love the bronze finish of this one!

Round Wall Hook

Another option is to use a classic round wall hook for your kids to use for their backpacks! This helps to keep the bags organized in a stylish way.

6-Hook Coat Rack

Alternatively, use a wall mounted 6-hook coat rack to organize backpacks. This coat rack can be closed away to create a piano-like display making it a great option for modern homes.

Wood and Brass Wall Hooks

A great option is this 6-hook wood and brass rail of hooks! This is great for organizing coats and backpacks for school.


Homework Station


Another great space to create for your kids is a homework station! 

A homework station can be as small or large as you have space for. It is a designated area of the home where the kids can do their homework. This can help them to develop a good habit of completing their homework in this area when they get home from school.

Ideally, a homework station is somewhere quiet in the house but equally visible so you (as parents) can keep an eye on the kids and assist if needed. All you need is a desk or table, with a chair, and craft supplies! Even if the homework station is a small table tucked away in the kitchen area, it will give your kids a designated space for doing their schoolwork.

If you can, make sure there is somewhere for folders to be kept, craft and stationery supplies, and electronic equipment.

Compact White Desk

Use a simple and small desk to create a homework station that the kids can use for doing school work.

Adjustable Storage Desk

This desk features adjustable storage so any homework or stationery storage can be organized to suit your needs. 

Caramel Office Chair

Choose a durable office chair, like this faux leather one, that is easy to clean and equally stylish for your home.

Task Chair

This task chair is available in lots of different colors! So you can add a pop of color to your homework station.


Supplies and Storage


To finish off preparations for going back to school, make sure you have lots of stationery supplies organized. Check your current supply and see if anything new needs to be added.

Use storage cubbies, or trays to organize pens, crayons etc. If you can, add a bookcase or floating shelves in order to keep all of these supplies together, and near the homework station. 

It’s also a great idea to keep chargers and electrical items together within storage bins so they are kept out of sight.

Acrylic Round Desktop Organizer

A simple desktop organizer like this one is perfect for accessorizing any homework station and keeping stationery organized!

Felt Storage Bins

Felt storage bins are perfect for keeping cables and electrical items stored in a stylish way.

Large Plastic Desk Organizer Bin

Choose a plastic storage bin to store pens or pencils together. These storage bins are stackable too!

Fabric Storage Cube

Another great storage option is this fabric storage cube! Also available in a variety of colors and designs.

Personalize Your Space

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