Using fine art for the area above the bed is a timeless addition to the bedroom! This abstract piece is great for adding sophistication and a pop of color. 

One of my favorite areas of the home to work on for my clients has to be bedrooms. It’s a real opportunity to be creative and also tailor the space to the client and their personality. Each client is different and their interiors are equally a reflection of that.

As somewhere we spend a huge amount of time in – particularly for sleeping – the bedroom is a key area of the home to get the design and décor right.

When speaking to clients and friends there seems to be a common difficulty in finishing off the bedroom. And that is finding the right décor to go above the bed. This is what I’ll be covering today!

We’re going to look at the different areas you have an opportunity to make a statement and really finish off the bedroom to make it feel whole. Are you ready to explore how to decorate above the bed?


Selecting a Headboard


Of course, we have to start with the headboard. This is a crucial part of bedroom design that can really have an impact on the space. Do you want to make a statement? Or do you prefer simple upholstered headboards?

There is a massive amount of choice available for headboards. Especially for the upholstered style – there are hundreds of designs and an even more choices in fabric options! This means you can really tailor the headboard to your style.

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This is an interesting example because the headboard has been kept really simple to allow for the variety of décor above. Using framed art prints is a cost-effective way of adding color and interest to the area.


Bedside Lighting

I love these wall-mounted lights as they are extremely practical and flexible while also providing some style! 


Although bedside lights aren’t necessarily décor for above the bed, they definitely become part of the overall décor for the room. It’s important to balance style, décor, and functionality with bedside lighting.

There are a few options available that can enhance the overall look and feel of the bedroom, and they are decorative table lamps (to sit on the nightstand) or wall sconces. Decorative table lamps with interesting colors or textures in the base can help to tie the whole design of the room together. Wall sconces have been a huge hit with homeowners recently! You can find styles that have an arched arm if you like reading in bed, or standard wall sconces work really well too.

When looking for new bedside lighting, make sure to keep functionality in the forefront of your mind. What do you like using the bedside light for? Perhaps you like watching Netflix in bed, reading, or general relaxing… Be mindful of this when shopping for a new light fixture here.


Floating shelves are a simple way to add some interest to the area of the bed and these industrial-style shelves are perfect to keep items together! 

Shelving Options

A fun way to add décor to the area above your bed is through shelving. You can either go for the floating-style or ones with decorative brackets that reflect some of the other colors and materials used within the space. 

Whichever style you select for your bedroom you can then add different layers of accessories to dress the shelves. Think small potted succulents, photo frames, framed prints, candles, diffusers, almost anything goes! Having shelves is a great opportunity to add some personality to the space through the decorative accessories chosen.


Photographs and Fine Art


If you’re a lover of the boho-style interiors these hanging rope shelves are a fantastic solution!  

A classic choice for above the bed are framed photographs or fine art. Although this choice has been around for some time now, it is timeless. If you don’t want to select just one print for above the bed, you can always choose two or three that relate to each other.

Here’s an example, if you love black and white photography you could choose two or three black and white prints and frame them above the bed. Alternatively, you may have used one key color in your space, maybe green, so you could look for artsy prints with this color in mind to create a cohesive design.

Fine art is a beautiful addition to any room, and even more so to a bedroom. It adds a luxurious layer to the interior while also providing color and texture. Be sure to choose something you absolutely love as fine art is often an investment.


Although here there isn’t anything directly above the bed itself, the nightstand lighting adds to the overall décor of the space and the mirror above reflects this too.

Other Ideas

Using mirrors or metal wall art is a creative and striking option that looks incredible above the bed! It really finishes the room off. I love this piece because of the unusual arrangement. 


There are some other ways you can add décor to the space above your bed, and that is through decorative wall art. These can be in the form of metal hangings.

Otherwise, you could also search for a feature mirror that has lots of intricate detailing to the design and hang that above the bed for a sophisticated addition.


I hope you have found this post helpful and inspirational for your bedroom décor! How have you decorated the area above your bed? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments!