Kitchen project with Blue

 Is blue the new neutral? I just looked at my Instagram feed recently and most of the work I’ve done is all blue and grey. I’m also doing a little remodeling project at home, and what do you know? All blue and grey. Countless times I’m chatting with a client and they tell me they want blue (or grey). Some of my reps have mentioned “midwest grey” as we’re discussing projects just in the course of the conversation.


Grey and blue feel timeless and can also take on many different characteristics in the home. Compare the record room and this dining room for example:

Record Room

Navy Blue Dining Room

The record room is modern and just makes you want to chill out and kickback. The dining room, on the other hand, is elegant and super luxurious feeling. Both colors are the exact same, yet each room has a different feel and purpose. Both are just perfect. 

What do you think?