The Holiday season is upon us, and Christmas decorating has started for many households in our neighborhood. The centerpiece for many homes will of course be the Christmas tree! Whether you’re working on a tight budget and love to reuse decorations each year or love to go all out, we’re going to share our top tips and tricks for decorating the Christmas tree like a pro.

Decorating our homes for the festive season brings so much joy to us all, and we love to share our top tips and tricks for decorating the home – both inside and out! – during November and December.

Let’s explore our Top 5 Christmas Tree Decorating Tips and Tricks for every budget!

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1. Pre-Lit Options


To save time, we love to use pre-lit decorations. From pre-lit trees to garlands, they save a huge amount of time and allow you to decorate the home quickly. 

Plus, pre-lit options provide a stress-free approach! I’m sure the amount of frustrated husbands whose only decorating job is untangling the Christmas lights, triples each year. So save everyone the hassle and stress by choosing pre-lit trees and garlands!

6.5' Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree

Use a pre-lit spruce artificial Christmas tree to make your life easier each year.

Pre-Lit Faux Wreath & Garland

A stylish pre-lit wreath and garland are perfect for styling the fireplace mantel and front door every year!

Most Realistic Balsam Fir Faux Tree

We love this large and full premium fir faux tree.

Faux Pre-Lit LED Pine and Eucalyptus Garland

Use faux garlands that feature different types of greenery to create a fuller look.

2. Faux Trees


Do you prefer using a faux Christmas tree? They are a budget friendly way of decorating the home each year by only purchasing the tree once, rather than a fresh real tree each and every year.

With faux Christmas trees, there are lots of options to choose from! From plain, to snow covered, pre-lit, and even those with berries added! There is something for everyone.

The trick with faux Christmas trees and making them look realistic? Take the time to fluff each branch by hand to create a realistic look. This may seem like a tedious task, but the effort definitely pays off!

Deluxe Noble Fir Faux 7’ Christmas Tree

This tall faux Christmas tree is perfect for any home.

Artificial Spruce Christmas Tree

A realistic spruce Christmas tree, that will look fabulous in any home.

Faux Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

We love this faux blue spruce Christmas Tree as it’s very realistic!

9' Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Use a tall faux Christmas tree for your entryway or foyer.

3. Hide the Base


Our favorite Christmass tree decorating trick? Hide the base!

Whether you have a real or faux tree, you can easily hide the base with a decorative or plain colored collar. This helps to give a simple look to the base of the tree and cover up any unsightly structured bases!

Prefer a budget driven solution? Instead of using a wooden or metal collar to cover the base of the tree, choose a fabric tree skirt! These help to create a simple winter wonderland look.

Slated Wood Tree Collar

Use a stylish wooden tree collar like this to cover the base of your tree.

Hammered Metal Tree Collar

This hammered metal tree collar is perfect for adding a modern touch to the Christmas tree.

Handwoven Vine Tree Collar

A classic Christmas tree collar – a handwoven vine collar!

Faux Fur Alpaca Tree Skirt

A faux fur tree skirt is a budget friendly alternative to tree collars – we love this one!

4. Ornaments


A guide to decorating a Christmas tree wouldn’t be complete without sharing some top tips and tricks for the stars of the show – the ornaments!

Our top trick for making a Christmas tree look like it’s been styled and decorated like a pro is to group ornaments. The key is to create a display of ornaments that flow around the tree effortlessly.

To create a Christmas tree that is well balanced between ornament sizes, we like to keep the larger ornaments at the bottom, and the smallest decorations towards the top!

It’s important to make sure any breakable ornaments or decorations are kept higher on the tree, and out of reach of any kids or pets. If possible, choose main ornaments that are made of plastic instead of glass to avoid any breakages. Otherwise, any glass or precious ornaments should be kept out of reach.

Paper Snowflake Ornaments (Set of 9)

Embrace the neutral and natural Christmas tree ornaments this year with these paper snowflakes!

Mixed Ornaments - Set of 12

Use a mixed ornament set like this as the foundation ornaments, and to create a cohesive color palette.

Pearl White & Iridecent Glass Boxed Ornaments (Set of 9)

We love using glass ornaments for higher up the tree to add elegance.

Shatter-Resistant Ornaments - Set of 50

This set of Christmas ornaments contain 50 shatter-resistant ornaments! Ideal for families with kids and pets.

5. Color Scheme


Do you like to have a color scheme for your Christmas tree? Or do you prefer to go all out with an eclectic look?

Whatever your preference for a color scheme (or not!) you have to stick to it. Sticking strictly to a color scheme for your Christmas tree will ensure it looks beautiful from every angle. 

If you’re someone that easily gets bored of the same Christmas decorations each year, you can switch the ornaments up with some new ones each year that are still within your color scheme. This way, you start to build a collection of decorations that you can reuse and switch up!

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