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Color of the Month | Sherwin Williams Lakeshore

Happy New Year! Thankfully 2020 is behind us and the hope of a brighter new year is finally upon us. To brighten up the start of this new year, we’re featuring Sherwin Williams Lakeshore (SW 6494) as our color of the month! This bright and calming color is perfect for the start of a new year and when used correctly in interiors, can last many years. The Sherwin Williams Lakeshore paint color is great for bringing spaces to life with a bold statement! Pair this with neutral colors to create a feature wall, use in home accessories, or use with other equally bold colors to completely diversify a space.

If you’re looking for a similar color in Benjamin Moore’s paint line, check out Benjamin Moore Blue Toile (748).

Pairs Well With…

Sherwin Williams Vivacious Pink (SW6850) and Sherwin Williams Sunflower (SW6678).

We love how this bright Lakeshore paint color pairs with other equally vibrant colors. However, if you’re after the ever-popular fresh and crisp interior, then pair Sherwin Williams Lakeshore with a warming neutral color. The blue of Sherwin Williams Lakeshore helps to create a calm atmosphere and provides a good color to work with – perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms!

Sherwin Williams Lakeshore works amazingly well with Sherwin Williams Vivacious Pink (SW6850) to create a bright and vibrant color scheme! Great for playrooms and kids rooms alike.

If you’re seeking a warmer yet still vibrant interior scheme, then use Sherwin Williams Sunflower (SW6678). The combination of the Lakeshore paint color and this warm deep yellow shade brings warmth and energy to any space. This works well for living rooms, dining rooms and even bedrooms. These are both fun colors to work into sophisticated kid’s bedrooms too! 

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How to use this color in your home…

Sherwin Williams Lakeshore or Benjamin Moore Blue Toile (similar color) are perfect for either feature walls or bold allover wall paint. This vibrant yet calming color will serve well as a fun feature working great as a bright pop in accessories to lead your eye around the space. This color works well in both light and dark rooms – watch the color come to life in sunny rooms while a more intimate interior can be achieved in naturally darker rooms.

Alternatively, it’s really easy to incorporate Sherwin Williams Lakeshore into your interior design through accessories, curtains, and rugs. As the color is such a vibrant one, it is fantastic to use as the main focal color to otherwise neutral spaces.

Sherwin Williams Lakeshore is of course a classic color that reminds many of us of the seaside, reminding us that warmer and brighter months are coming. It is a great color to blend into your interiors throughout the year – it’s a calming and tranquil one that will never go out of style.

Our Favorite Accessories:

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Scandinavian Design

Cotton Linen Pillows

Adding some decorative pillows to your space is an easy way to use this color of the month in your home. Perfect for bringing neutral living spaces to life!

Scandinavian Design

Luxury Bed Sheets

You can easily add this month’s color to your bedroom through your bed linen. Pair with neutral pillows, throw and curtains with a feature wall behind the bed!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Classic Embroidery Jacquard Pillow

Add a hint of this month’s color to your interior through this decorative pillow… Perfect for pairing with a colored pillow (like the other pillows featured here) to add character.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Chenille Throw Blanket

No living room or bedroom space is complete without a textured, warm throw! This is another easy way of adding this color into your home.

Scandinavian Design

Bathroom Ceramic Accessory Set

If you’re planning to use this vibrant yet calming color in your bathroom or powder room, adding a textured accessory set in the same color helps to bring the overall design together!

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