I love designing custom window treatments because of the power they have to elevate a space. When a window is fashioned in a thoughtful way, then a whole space can come together perfectly.

Windows provide us with much needed natural daylight, but come the evening and nighttime, it’s important to have a suitable window treatment that works for you, and the space.

There are endless window treatment options, and our team has designed so many different types of window treatments to suit each client, space, and requirement. Each is as special as the family we’re working with.

Today, we’re taking you through 6 commonly used custom window treatments. We have reached for these in our own design projects on more than one occasion! Each one can be fully customized to individual window sizes, and lining requirements (black-out, standard, etc)

Let’s take a look at the different custom window treatment options more closely!

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Woven Shades


Woven shades are one of the most popular custom window treatments we use in our projects. They suit a variety of room types, and the customizing elements are endless. Woven shades are a simple solution that are made to fit each window to the nearest eighth of an inch. 

Woven shades can be lined, black out, or non-lined. With these different options, they can be used in any room of the home! We always recommend blackout for bedrooms, and either lined or non-lined for bathrooms, depending on the outlook from the window. We can also elect to mount them inside the window casing or outside. In the images below, we’re showing some outside mounted and some inside mounted.

Shades in general are a great option for dressing windows that aren’t used regularly. For example, in our latest project (bottom right photo below) we installed a custom woven shade for the window halfway up the staircase. This helps to dress the window and provides our clients with the option of using it if necessary in the winter months.

A blackout shade was used for this kids bedroom to ensure a good night’s sleep!

For this primary bathroom we used a lined shade to provide our clients with privacy when needed.

Within a kitchen and dining nook, we used a lined shade to dress the windows and provide privacy when required.

Another lined window shade example.

Layer Shades with Curtains


A firm favorite of ours is layering shades with curtains! This helps to provide flexibility in a space, while creating a beautiful look surrounding a window.

Layering shades with curtain panels is a great option for living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, and primary bedrooms. Homeowners can easily get privacy without complete blackout through a shade, while blackout can be achieved with the curtain panel for example.

With layering window treatments like this, you can choose from lots of different patterns and colors! And therefore completely tailor the window treatment to the rest of the room, and requirements.

Try going with a lighter colored shade, and pairing it with a colorful or darker curtain! Or, if you would prefer a more organic or natural shade (a light wood weave for example) then pair that with lighter curtains.

In this family room, we designed window treatments that allows natural daylight to flood in while providing our clients with privacy. The shades are split to provide this, while stationay curtain panels frame the window.

Layering window treatments in primary bedrooms create the perfect look! Here we used a neutral colored woven shade with light curtains to dress the windows.

This family room is actually in the basement of this client’s home, and natural light floods in. We used custom shades to provide privacy throughout the day, and ready made curtains to inject color, pattern, and additional visual interest to the space.



A window valance is a type of window treatment that covers the upper area of the window to conceal any drapery hardware. Traditionally this was in the form of heavily pleated valances (that almost look like ruffles or scallops above a window), however there are many modern options available now!

We love to use a simple box valance above windows in kitchens and bathrooms. These valances can conceal the roller element of a shade above the window itself and give the illusion of a taller window. A clever little trick!

Roman Shades


Roman shades have similar functionality as normal shades, but typically have the look and feel of drapery. This is because traditional roman shades are made out of fabric.

Roman shades neatly fold up to provide a relaxed and informal look to a window. We regularly use these in kitchens and bathrooms to add a softness to the space. They work really well when curtains aren’t an option (for example, a window above a sink or cabinet).

Another great aspect of roman shades is that you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics! From different colors and textures, to patterns – the sky’s the limit!



Curtains are a classic window treatment that is many people’s default option for dressing a window. And while there are some great ready-made options on the market, sometimes it pays to go custom!

We have worked on projects where motorized tracks have been installed or they are concealed within the ceiling of a room and require custom curtains that work with the system. 

Aside from this, custom curtains or drapery panels are the perfect option for those with double or triple height spaces, or if you simply can’t find the right fabric in ready-made curtains! Custom curtains allow you to fully customize the lining, drop, width, and header style.

Roller Shades


Roller shades have a single piece of fabric that wraps around a circular casing at the top of the window. They can be cordless or are operated by a cord that sits on one side of the shade, and this moves the casing to release and move the fabric.

These shades are simple, neat, and practical. Just remember to select the right opacity level to suit your needs.

Roller shades are a fantastic option for those windows that have awkward shapes, like a bay window, or provide a good base layer for a bedroom. In our toddler bedroom project shown on the right, we chose a simple white blackout roller shade that will serve as a great blackout layer as they grow older.

Not sure which window treatment is right for your space? Reach out to our team today!

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