Home Exterior Makeovers – Our Top 3 Ideas


It may surprise you to hear that as an interior design firm, we often get asked to take a look at our client’s external spaces too. For us, anything design related is second nature and we love to take a look at home improvements our clients can make to their exteriors. 

After all, if you’ve made some internal changes and maximized the interior design of your home, why not take that one step further and complete an exterior home makeover too? This helps to create a cohesive look from the street, right through to your interior.

With a good eye for detail and design, we like to treat exterior home projects in a very similar way to our main interior design projects. Making exterior changes to any home can be extremely scary but a worthy exercise to complete the look of a home.

Not sure where to start with an exterior home makeover? This article focuses on our favorite – even simple! – ways of giving the exterior of our homes a makeover!

Sherwin Williams Forever Green paint color

1. Color Updates

Firstly, it’s important to consider color updates to your home’s exterior. These can make a big impact, for little change.

If your property is looking dated, and a bit weathered, it may be time to spruce up the paint job! A fresh lick of paint or any other exterior color changes can give your property a new lease of life.

Consider your front door color – is there a specific color you’ve always dreamed of trying? Give it a go! It may surprise you, and make a huge impact on the whole look of your home.

Alternatively, go all out and give your siding and main home material a fresh and brand new color! When thinking about which color to go for, use different shades of the same color to create a cohesive look. Create a contrast with different colored windows and doors. 

2. Architectural Detailing

Next up is architectural detailing.

Adding a new architectural element to your home’s exterior can quickly create a different look. Plus, it may even be a practical addition to the home too!

Exterior architectural detailing could be anything from a new porch, porticos, or even railing! 

These are particularly good exterior home upgrades that can increase the value of your home, and add a practical element too. If your home doesn’t have a porch currently, consider having one built or adding a new porch style deck to the backyard.

Porticos are also a creative addition to any front entrance as it adds visual interest and acts as a focal point to the front of the property. Predominantly associated with many European architectural styles, even on a smaller, less grand scale they can elevate any exterior design.

3. Landscaping

And lastly – the landscaping! 

It’s important not to forget one of the most important aspects of exterior home design, the landscaping. This is an element of exterior home design that really helps to bring the external space together for our clients, and is an area of design that we love to help out with.

From substantial trees and shrubs, to smaller flowering and seasonal plants, creating a welcoming and visually stimulating home exterior couldn’t be easier than with the help of the right landscaping and plants. Create a sweeping pathway with shrubs on either side to lead you to the front door, and use potted trees on either side of the front door itself to create a warm first impression.

Go one step further with your landscaping and create flowering beds of plants in front of windows to help frame a particular area of the exterior. You could even create a flower bedded area within the front yard nearer the sidewalk to frame the yard area.

Personalize Your Space

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