Introduce warm colors into your home through the textiles in your living room and bedrooms. Add mustard yellow with this ! 

It’s that time of year again when the leaves start changing colors, the temperature drops and thicker clothes come out of the closet. Fall is one of my favorite seasons because the transition between the summer months and inevitably winter is beautiful. Plus for my kids, it means one step closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations!

Last fall, my twins were 2 and discovered how much fun jumping in a pile of leaves can be! I’m looking forward to this year where we will get to rake together and jump around in the beautiful maple leaves that have settled in the backyard. Even our Golden Retriever gets in on the fun! 

Aside from the external factors and changes we see during Fall, it’s comforting and warming for all the family when your home décor embraces the transition too.

That’s why today I want to focus on Fall Décor! And share with you the latest ideas and trends to get your house feeling warmer and more comforting as we ease into the colder months.

Let’s explore Fall Décor!


A Warm Color Palette

Add more woven textiles to your space through the use of ! We love the geometric pattern of this cotton-rich pillow. 


No matter what paint colors you have used in your home, and even in cool-toned spaces, adding some warmth through textiles, accessories and small furniture helps to set the scene for fall. Think deep reds, charcoal grays, mustard yellows, and burnt oranges. Weave these colors into your existing interior to really feel the full effect!

If you’re on a tight budget it’s a good idea to purchase a few key pieces of decor that you can rotate in and out of your home when the seasons change so you can get the full use out of them by re-using them year over year. Think decorative pillow covers and throw blankets. These are easy to store during the warmer months and are a simple yet effective way of refreshing your space in the fall.

Introduce warm colors and textures to your spaces, alongside leaf patterns and colors to bring your interior alive this season.


Comforting Textures

Use driftwood bases to decorate your home with fall-inspired texture! 


With the cooler weather starting to come in full force, it’s time to swap out any summer decorative pillows and throws for thicker, more textured ones. It is also a good time to swap your bedroom comforters for thicker versions too.

For your throw blankets, focus on bringing thick wool blankets into your home. Otherwise, cashmere, faux fur, and cotton fleece blankets are good alternatives.

Comforting textures don’t just stop with the obvious, you can also introduce texture into your home through wood finishes or wooden-inspired decorative accessories. This could be a simple end table swap for a solid wood version for fall and winter or wooden candle holders.

Add thick and comforting textures to your home for fall. Thick knit blankets, faux fur, and fleece throw blankets should be at the top of your list!


Fall Florals and Leaves

These are perfect for adding some fall color and texture to your home! 


Another great tip for transitioning your home decor for fall is to introduce seasonal faux florals and leaves. This is a fantastic way of introducing some of the warmer colors into your home too – lookcout for red berries, faux wheat, and colored pampas grass! 

Display any decorative florals and leaves in large floor standing vases or in smaller ones to dress your console table, sideboard, or dining area.

You can take this one step further by using decorative pillows with leaf patterns and autumnal colors. This helps to bring all the components we have discussed in this blog post together to create a cohesive fall-inspired interior.



that you can use year-round, both inside and out, are a fantastic way of adding an intimate feel to your space. Use real or LED candles! 


As a lover of warm summer nights spent on the porch with candles lit, having some lanterns inside is the best thing I have done during fall and winter in recent years! Lanterns remind me of the warmer days and add a subtle glow to our living room.

Use two or three lanterns in your home of varying sizes to create a well-balanced arrangement. And if real candles aren’t your thing for lanterns, there are some great battery-operated alternatives!

Faux florals and leaves can add texture, color, and a sense of fall and winter to your home. Pair with lanterns and candles to create a warm and inviting space.


Front Door Wreath

This is perfect for those who prefer a more minimal look to their exterior while also adding some texture and color! Feed in some colorful stems to add a subtle hint of color. 


I love adding a wreath to my front door during the fall and winter months because it sets the tone for the whole house before you step foot in it! What’s really amazing with wreaths these days is that there are so many different styles available to suit your personal taste.

If you love a bold and bright look, large pampas-inspired wreaths will be perfect for you. Alternatively, if you prefer something more understated, a faux wheat or olive wreath will work better for you.


Have you started to transition your home from summer to fall through your décor? I’d love to hear your ideas and all about your experience in the comments section below!