A is a classic that never goes out of style! By embracing the natural texture and material, you can start to create the perfect porch set up for fall!

It’s always sad to see summer and the warmer weather come to an end, but fall is my favorite time of year! As the leaves change their colors, and the air becomes crisp, it’s a heartwarming feeling to be able to snuggle up on the sofa and watch a good film with my family.

As the seasons change, I love to switch up my home’s decor to be more in-line with the season too. I embrace bolder patterns and bright colors during the summer, and lean into textures for the fall and winter.

While it’s a good time to retreat indoors, there are a few sneaky days with warmer temperatures! This is when I really make the most of relaxing on my porch, watching the kids play with friends out front. The porch is merely an extension of the interior of a home, and so the decorating of my porch alters too.

In this article, I’m going to share my top fall porch decorating tips so you can add more texture to your porch and embrace the fall!


Door Mats

Fancy a fun pattern for your doormat instead of a natural texture? This green-colored thatch design mat is ideal for doing just that!


Updating your door mat is a great way to give your porch a new lease of life. Embrace natural textures with a coir mat, or choose a colorful or patterned one to inject some visual interest to your porch.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the incredible mats from Matterly which I am totally obsessed with! They are perfect for families and those with pets as they’re super durable. Plus – they have an extensive selection of patterns and colors available to suit every taste. BTW- Use coupon code MODERNHOME10 to save! 


Outdoor Pillows

are a must have for any porch seating area! And we love the design of ! Using colors and patterns to bring some warmth to a porch.


It’s also a great time to swap out your summery outdoor pillows for something more muted and full of texture. Outdoor pillows are a must-have for any outdoor living space because they are made from water-resistant material and are extremely durable.

Focus on outdoor cushions that are textured, or choose a cotton blend cushion that can easily be washed.




If swapping out your outdoor cushions is too much budget-wise, you can always add a throw blanket to your porch set up instead! This will add some warmth and texture without needing to switch the cushions themselves.

Otherwise, you can finish off your fall porch decorating with a knitted or wool blend blanket to make sure you’re warm in the cooler fall evenings. You can style a blanket by draping it over a chair or bench. When you’re not using them, store any blankets in a basket!

Use knitted or wool blend throw blankets on your porch to inject some texture and coziness!


Natural Materials

This is ideal for bringing some texture to your porch! Drape over a chair or bench and curl up with it during the cooler evenings.


No fall inspired home decorating would be complete without the use of some natural materials!

Natural materials don’t only provide neutral colors to spaces, they add some much needed texture too. Use coir doormats, and knitted or wool blend accessories to decorate your porch seating area.

If you need porch furniture, wooden benches, tables, and chairs always work really well and are timeless. Embrace these natural materials to create a timeless porch set up.

Other natural materials include rattan, bamboo, wool, cotton, jute, and linen!


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Embrace and use as many natural materials as possible for your porch decor. These add texture and nod towards a more environmentally friendly world.


Textured Accessories

These are ideal for use on your porch as little accessories! These are perfect for use on a table to add a decorative touch.


Fancy getting a head start on Halloween? I know – yikes. But this time of year always brings the best interior decorative objects and accessories that are super fun to have on your porch too! These accessories can inject personality and character.

Why not use knitted pumpkins to add texture and nod towards the fun holidays to come?


Ambient Lighting


If you’ve been putting off getting some outdoor lanterns or candles, fall is the perfect time of year to really embrace these! Lanterns and candles create a really intimate setup that is perfect for fall evenings sitting outside.

You can even use some candle holders and scented candles to go that step further.


How are you transitioning into fall decor this year? I hope these tips and ideas have inspired you to switch up your porch decor for fall! I’d love to hear any other ideas you have in the comments section below!