Entry Project by Innovatus DesignLast week we explored some great front door inspiration for your home and how to select a front door color suitable for your home’s exterior design. This week, we’re going to look at how you can accessorize your entry with our favorite Spring wreaths and outdoor accessories! 

Once you have decided on a new front door color or design, it’s important to explore other ways in which you can accessorize to tie everything together. Our favorite way is by adding seasonal wreaths. Traditionally these are used over the Christmas period, but wreaths are a beautiful supplement to your front door throughout the year… not just in December! In addition to wreaths, having a welcoming outdoor mat is key. Not only because it’s practical, but for added aesthetical reasons too. 

We have gathered our favorite Spring door wreaths, outdoor mats, and accessories. Are you ready to dive in?

Keep it Seasonal

Consider changing your front door wreath for each season. This helps to continually add interest for passersby, and keeps it joyful for yourself! Wreaths can easily be stored away when not in use as they often get delivered in large boxes.

We have gathered a few of our favorites for the Springtime below:

Tulip front door wreath

The colors on this wreath work great on white doors, black doors, wood doors, and so many more!

We love the analogous color scheme on the tulip wreath above. The wreath just breathes spring and the colors add so much energy to a home’s front door. Do you love tulips but the bright colors in the first wreath are a bit too much? We have a simpler solution. A more classic white and yellow tulip wreath may be just what you need!

White and Yellow Tulip Wreath

White and yellow is more classic and work great to add just a pop of color to a front door!


Yellow and Purple Wreath

Yellow and purple are complementary colors and naturally attract the eye.

We love using complementary colors—colors that are opposite from each other on the color wheel to add visual interest. These delicate flowers work incredibly well together and this wreath is perfect for a front door that needs a little more care and attention to detail.


When you’re considering a wreath for your front door, bright and bold colors may not be appropriate for the color door you have. You might also be looking for a simple style that is more of a delicate accent or something to complement your farmhouse design aesthetic. If that’s the case, flowers should be used sparingly. Opting for a simpler and cleaner wreath will do the job well!

We love natural materials such as olive branches, eucalyptus, cotton, and lavender for interest. Our favorite greener, and simpler wreaths:

Olive Branch Wreath

This olive branch wreath is simple and elegant to give a welcoming impression to your entrance.

Olive branch wreaths can be simple and elegant. When selecting one, look for one that is full and well made for a sophisticated look. We love the longer leaves on these wreaths and the accent of olives too. If you’re looking for a slightly different look, then a eucalyptus wreath would be a good option.

Eucalyptus Wreath

This eucalyptus wreath features berries and eucalyptus branches.

Eucalyptus wreaths are often more woody than olive branch wreaths and will show more of the stem that the leaves attach to. Dried eucalyptus wreaths are available to entice the senses, but faux eucalyptus wreaths are also available so you can get the look without the scent if you are sensitive.

Do you want something simple, but with color? Lavender wreaths are a top choice.

Lavender wreaths are delicate and add a touch of color to your front door.

We love how the flowers create such a strong visual in this lavender wreath. Lavender wreaths are also available dried or faux which gives you lots of options for your front door. If the front door is your main entry, then we recommend a faux option because it will be more resilient.

A Warm Welcome

Not only will a wreath on your front door undoubtedly bring compliments from family and friends, but it also forms part of a wider welcome for your guests. In addition to these beautiful wreaths, having a welcoming doormat finishes off your entryway perfectly.

We have gathered our favorites below:

Colorful Welcome Mat

This welcome mat is full of color and adds interest to a front entry. Don’t you just love the happy flowers in this welcome mat?!


Geographic Welcome Mat

Graphic patterns are a great way to add fun to a porch.

Fun geographic patterns are hip and perfect if you have a more modern taste with a less traditional home. This welcome mat is great for warmer months because of the pile height and material composition. It will be great for controlling dust and dirt. The rubber back will keep the mat in place.

Who wouldn’t want a whimsical welcome mat like this one?

This mat is great for the spring because the texture will attract debris from shoes to keep your house clean. The print on top is also super cute. A printed mat like this one is best for northern facing homes where the mat won’t have direct access to sunlight to prevent fading.


One of our favorite ways of accessorizing any doorstep is by adding some fresh plants, flowers or shrubs to decorative yet practical planters. These can be a stylish way to add fresh plants to any area of your home’s exterior.

Check out our favorite finds:

Transitional Planter

With strong lines, this planter will stand visually on its own and complement most exteriors.

This planter not only has strong architectural lines, but it adds nice height to an outdoor space without being overbearing.

Freestanding Planter

Visually streamlined, this collection will look great on most front porches or patios and add vertical interest too!

If you’re looking for height, this is great! Tall planters like this are perfect for homes that have tall covered porches or open porches because they won’t make the space feel cramped.


Hanging planters are great for covered porches.

Hanging planters can be paired with lower planters to create visual interest around the entire entrance of a home.

We hope you have enjoyed reading and browsing through this post! Do you normally have a front door wreath? How do you like to add interest to your home’s entrance? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.