Many people buy homes because of the huge amount of potential they have to become everything they have dreamed of. With some careful planning and hardwork, these dreams can most definitely become a reality! That is one of the many reasons why I love what I do – I get to watch these dreams come true.

Getting stuck into projects around the house can be both exciting, and daunting! But with the right preparation, budgeting and planning, they can be the best thing you’ve decided to embark on.

So what projects are good for the Springtime? And why are we already talking about them? Let’s explore all of this, and more!


Spring Project Ideas


It is worth planning your home projects in advance, as many of them rely on good weather to ensure a steady flow of trades. The Spring is an ideal time to start any big renovation projects, but to also get stuck into the outdoor areas!

Whether you have dreamed of a beautifully landscaped backyard, a general clean up of old and dead plants, installing new decking, or even installing an outdoor kitchen! Now is the time to start really planning the project so you can get going as soon as we’re clear of the last frost.

Spring is also the perfect time of year for any general house maintenance. Cleaning the gutters from the buildup of debris over the winter months is a particularly worthwhile area of maintenance. If you have siding, it’s a good idea to clean this too, and clean down any patio or paving with a power jet washer to get rid of any unwanted buildup of dirt.

One project that has become increasingly popular over the last year or two, is outdoor kitchens! Having worked on a few of these projects now, there is some planning that needs thinking through.


Are you dreaming of a new decking in your backyard? Now is the perfect time to start planning the project so you can enjoy it this summer!




With any project in the home, the key to its success is planning. Yes – really! There is always a larger amount of “things” that go into a project than you may originally think.

Here is only a quick overview of things you should be considering for an outdoor kitchen for example: 


Plumbing – What requirements do you have, and who will carry out this work

Cabinets – These need to be designed specifically for outdoors so they don’t deteriorate through different seasons. I have a great outdoor cabinet line that my clients love too!

Appliances – Will you be including outdoor appliances? Such as a drinks refrigerator, barbeque, grills, etc. Again, these will need to be suitable for outdoor use too

Countertop – What material do you intend to use? And is it suitable for the outdoors?


The aspects above are only a short list of things you will need to consider when thinking of installing an outdoor kitchen. This list excludes the main design of the space and the layout!

As you can see, the project is much larger than originally thought. And while working through these decisions before the Spring starts is advisable, sometimes it’s not possible to make that many decisions in such a short space of time. Not to mention being able to enjoy the new outdoor kitchen this summer.

This is just one of the many reasons why my clients come to me and ask for help on their projects. I can take all the stress away from them, plan the project out from start to finish, design the outdoor kitchen with suitable fixtures and fittings, and plan the layout in a way that works for them and their lifestyle.

Do you need a designer’s eye to help you with your outdoor kitchen project? Offering virtual design services throughout the United States, and in-person services in the Chicagoland area, I can help you to create the house of your dreams. Explore our Services today!


There are so many different aspects that go into creating an outdoor kitchen. Everything must be suitable for use outdoors so it’s important to check absolutely everything you plan on using!


Budgeting Your Project


You may have a specific amount of money set aside for your project, or you may not because you simply have no idea how much it will all cost to do. 

If you have a budget – stick to it as best as you can. Start a simple spreadsheet, list out everything you need for the project, and start inputting numbers. Always get multiple quotes in, and weigh up the benefits of one versus the other. If you are unsure as to what something will cost, research online and over-estimate it for your project to be on the safe side.

There will always be costs that are out of your control, or something becomes more expensive than originally budgeted for. It’s important to set your expectations right from the beginning and allow a buffer if needed (this is particularly important for larger projects).


Lining Up Trades


Okay, so you’ve listed out everything you need to make the project work, and now you need a team of talented people to help. You may be able to do some of it yourself, but for aspects like electrical or plumbing work, I don’t recommend this. Always enlist the help of professional trades where possible, get a quote from a reputable company, and make sure you can find a way to build them into your project schedule.


Always start a budget spreadsheet to plan and track your project costs as best you can. This will help you to stay on budget and evaluate every aspect to make sure you don’t overspend.




Now is the best time of year to be planning projects for your home. With Spring just around the corner, it’s important to be prepared and have done your research in order to execute your project.


Make sure you consider absolutely everything that will be needed to complete the project. Research each material and finish thoroughly and make sure that they are fit for purpose. If something is being installed outside, always ensure it is suitable for outdoor use and its intended purpose.


If you need help with a design project – be it design guidance or full support for the project – please get in touch!