Greentree Massage Therapy

Greentree Massage Therapy needs have changed due to the world health crisis. We’ve created an improved environment to support cleaning protocols and improve the client experience. 

Mood Boards

Childrens' Furniture Floor Plan

Shopping List

The below items shall be procured by the owner to complete the space!

Blackout Curtains

Qty: 2 pairs needed

Color: Dark Green

The dark green curtains will help to create a modern and sophisticated look within the treatment area while helping to provide privacy and darken the room.

Vendor: IKEA

Cloud Shelves

Blackout Window Film

Qty: 2 needed:

1 roll of 35.4”x314” 

1 roll of 35.4” x 78” 

This film is easily removable and will block the light from outside. 

Vendor: Amazon


Star door pulls

Clip On Light

Qty: 1

Color: Black

A clip-on desk light is needed for providing extra light in the welcome area.

Vendor: Amazon


Qty: 1 needed

This chair is small, but welcoming and is easy to clean. 

Vendor: Amazon

Hanging Chains with S Hooks

Qty: 1 needed

We are using these hooks for hanging the curtains instead of a traditional rail.

Vendor: Amazon

Alternate Curtains

Qty: 2 pairs needed (96″ high)

Color: Evergreen

These are a great alternate in the event the Ikea curtains are out of stock. 

Vendor: Wayfair 

Greentree Massage Therapy New Facility

New facility shopping list, February 2022.