Social media has got us fixated on showing only “the very best” of us, and the very best views of our homes too. Many homes you see featured on social media these days are “Instagram ready”, often lacking in personality or the very essence of who lives there.

Here at Innovatus Design, we believe interior design is about celebrating life’s most precious moments and weaving them seamlessly into your home. It is those cherished moments that tell your unique family story and ultimately fill your space with love and nostalgia.

Family photos aren’t just images on paper, they hold a very special snapshot of a moment in time. Whether it’s a picture-perfect wedding photo, or a candid shot of the kids playing and laughing together, these are the pictures that carry the power to transform your home. These should be displayed proudly in your home!

Anyone can display their family photos in picture frames and place them on a shelf. But we’re not talking about this today – we’re going to dive into tastefully displaying precious family photos in the home. The ideas shared in this article aim to infuse your home with personality via the precious family moments captured in your photographs. 

Let’s explore how to display family photos at home!

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1. A Gallery Wall


Do you enjoy making a statement with your photos? A gallery wall could be the best route for you!

A gallery wall is a creative way to display many family photos. Choose your favorite frames and photos and experiment with an arrangement on paper before drilling any holes! 

You can arrange family photos in a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement depending on your personal preference. Symmetrical usually looks more modern, clean, and sleek, while an asymmetrical one allows you to create a more natural and organic-looking display.

Make sure to keep 3-6 inches between each frame, and around all sides of the frames, for a sleek finish. Need more tips on how to create a gallery wall? We have a full guide: How to Create a Photo Wall In You Home

Create Your Own Gallery Wall:

Wood Frames (Set of 10)

This set of 10 wood frames is the perfect starting point for creating your own gallery wall at home!

Assorted Champagne Frames (Set of 8)

Do you prefer a random look to a gallery wall? This set of 8 assorted frames are ideal for creating a more relaxed look.

Multi-Mat Gallery Frames

These multi-mat frames are perfect for creating a gallery wall in your home! Choose from a number of sets, and just add your favorite photos.

Gallery Wall Kit (Set of 9)

A gallery wall kit is a fail-safe way of creating a gallery wall in your home. We love this set of gold frames!

2. Floor-to-Ceiling Display


If you have a large open stairway or double height space, a floor-to-ceiling display of family photos creates a warm and creative display! By creating a large scale display of family photos in this way you provide visual interest to all angles, while making a bold statement.

Keep your floor-to-ceiling display consistent by sticking to the same color frames, but switch up the sizes to create a visually stimulating display. Mix extra large photos with smaller ones to display a variety of images.

Alternatively, you could create a hanging display of family photos! Hang cords horizontally and use clips to hang your photos!

3. A Photo Ledge


Is your home on the smaller side? Do you like to swap photos frequently? Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered!

Instead of hanging floating shelves on your walls, consider a photo ledge instead! These are floating shelves that are much shallower, and often have an indent towards the front for leaning frames into. 

With a floating ledge you can display lots of different items to create a completely unique display! Do you have small succulent plants? Framed posters or quotes? You can combine all of these with family photos on the ledge!

Oak Floating Ledges

Floating ledges are ideal for any space where you want to add some personality and display framed family photos! We love these oak floating picture ledges.

Slim Metal Ledges

These sleek and slim metal floating ledges are perfect for more contemporary homes or those that want to keep decor simple.

Rustic Wood Ledge

Inject some character into your home with these rustic wood ledges!

Floating Picture Ledges (Set of 2)

This set of floating picture ledges is ideal for using in any home!

4. Floating Shelves


Next up – floating shelves!

These are undoubtedly one of the most popular ways of displaying family photos because they are simple and easy to do! Similarly to a photo ledge, you can display all sorts of items on floating shelves because they are deeper than a photo ledge. 

If you love to create an arty vibe in your home, a floating shelf will help you to do just that! Arrange photos in a way that creates a visually pleasing composition, layering each piece slightly to show a casual arrangement of items. Supplement your family photos with small potted plants, decorative items, or even small sculptures.

5. A Simple Grid


Are you a minimalist at heart? A simple grid is for you!

Create a simple grid gallery wall using the same frames, but inserting different family photos within each one. Space each frame exactly the same for a clean, sleek, and streamlined look.

Go one step further with this and choose frames that have an oversized mount to create extra drama within the space.

Always More


While there are many more ways to add family photographs into a space, these are the more common ones we’ve been using lately. At Innovatus Design, we strive to elevate each design and inject family memories are no exception. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a project you’d like us to help with. We offer in-person design services in the greater Chicagoland area and work on virtual projects across the United States.

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