In some cases there is nothing wrong with the overall design of a bedroom, it’s the execution of what is already there that brings the overall look and feel down. It could be the lack of patterns or color, or maybe a lack of layers on the bed.

After the initial layer of mattress and protector comes the bedsheets themselves. These organic cotton sheets are the perfect place to start! 

During my career I’ve experienced a lot of this. When I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a client’s home for a design consultation I simply explain some helpful pointers on how to style a bed properly and with a few simple changes or additions, the room will look completely different.

I’m going to share with you today these helpful pointers and expand on some of them in more detail to provide an informative and inspirational guide. You can use these tips in any bedroom – the master, teenager’s room or guest room. The principles will be the same for each instance.

Let’s get started!


The Layering Mindset


When styling a bed you need to think of it in terms of layering. For almost any interior design situation you can use layering to your advantage and the bedroom (or bed specifically) is no different.

Dressing a bed shouldn’t end at only the linen – there are so many different layers you can explore! Layering really is key and make sure to keep different textures in mind too.

The first layer is of course the bed frame or headboard, with the mattress (and protector) coming in a close second place. If you like to have a bed skirt, this is also a good opportunity for this.

Before we get into the next set of layers, it’s important to have a color scheme or design theme in mind. More on that next.

The key to styling a bed is to layer different elements to create a cohesive look. Start with the bedsheets and work from there. If you’re unsure of a color scheme or general theme, stick to similar colors that are from the same color family like this example – beige, creams, and white. You could add brown or grays here for some color.


A Color Scheme or Theme

A good quality comforter provides warmth, comfort and also brings an element of texture and style to the bed too. We love this one! 


Deciding on a color scheme or theme for your bedroom will help to keep specific colors and textures in mind throughout the whole layering process or styling a bed. 

A botanical theme for example will be suited to shades of green, leaf patterns, and a neutral color like cream. Or you could take a color palette of navy blue, beige, brown, and cream to build a well-rounded and styled bed.




Following the first layer of the bed, you’ll need the sheets next! These are the most important in terms of comfort and how they feel so you should invest in good quality bed sheets. Looking for a high thread count is a good starting point.

You’ll need a fitted and flat sheet. The fitted will be elasticated to fit around all four sides of the mattress. And the flat sheet will be laid flat on top of the fitted one and tucked into three sides only, leaving the top area free. 

Style the end of the bed with a throw or blanket to add a casual touch to the styling. This is another great way of adding texture! We love using faux fur throws as they add a luxurious touch. 

These sheets are a good opportunity to start introducing color that relates to your bedroom design or keep them neutral with crisp white or cream. A portion of the flat sheet will be folded back over your comforter or blanket and therefore more visible than the fitted sheet when the bed is made.


Comforter and Cushions


Depending on which state you live in and the climate you typically have, you may have a comforter or quilt. And for anywhere with more extreme winters or summers you will likely benefit from having multiple thicknesses available for rotating between seasons.

The comforter is the next layer on top of the initial sheets along with the main cushions. Fold the flat sheet over the comforter and place the cushions up right (not flat) when making the bed.

In this example, you can see the bed has been layered with the sheets, comforter, and decorative throw, and pillows. All the pieces work well together because of their similar coloring and sticking to a color palette for the decorative pillows.


Decorative pillows are a quick and easy way to bring the whole design together and finish off styling a bed! 



The last layer for styling a bed are the accessories. This includes a blanket or throws for dressing the end of the bed on top of the comforter and decorative pillows. 

For the decorative pillows, two large squares in front of each side’s main cushion start the layering off. Then finalize this with either a smaller square in the middle or a slim lumbar shape one for contrast.


I hope this blog post has provided you with a good guide on how to style a bed properly! Follow these steps and elements and you’ll be on to a winning setup in any bedroom of your home. How do you style your bed? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!