When working with clients they often ask me, “how can we add our personalities to our home/space?” Or they want a specific room to stand out from the rest. Wallpaper is a great way of injecting both color and personality into a space!

Wallpaper can elevate a room, and provide color and texture – to name just a few benefits of using it in your home. With the sheer amount of patterns on the market right now, there will be a design to complement any room, regardless of its style or taste. There are even options that have been specially treated for use in kitchens and bathrooms!

But how exactly can wallpaper transform a space? Let’s take a look at a few scenarios and explore how wallpaper can transform a space!


Use this fun and colorful in your powder room to get all your guests talking!

Dull Powder Rooms


Do you have a dull or bland-looking powder room that could do with some love? Add a striking wallpaper pattern to the walls! This will instantly lift the space and provide visual interest.

There are so many options here: wallpaper the whole room, wallpaper one wall, wallpaper above paneling. It depends on how your specific space is laid out or designed so there is no “one size fits all” approach to wallpapering powder rooms.

The key to choosing a bold wallpaper for your powder room? Go with a pattern you absolutely love! Forget about the current interior design trends, search through samples or images online and really embrace your personality, and interests. You could also use a pattern that complements colors you have already used in the space for a budget-friendly facelift.

Have you seen our Wallpaper Line? We have lots of creative options for use in your powder room!


For this project, my client wanted to inject some personality into their powder room. When I saw this wallpaper I just knew this was made for her!! And I was right – she loves it!


Lifeless Bedrooms

This modern gingham wallpaper is ideal for using in bedrooms! The soft sage color will create a relaxed feel to encourage restful sleep.


This is a common interior design problem that clients come to me with- lifeless bedrooms. It varies from primary bedrooms, kids’ bedrooms, and guest bedrooms too! A lifeless bedroom typically has the basic colors and design in place but lacks personality or a specific style.

You can use wallpaper to inject life back into bedrooms! 

Choose a calming pattern and color to promote healthy sleep and relaxation. Think neutral and pastel shades or light floral patterns for this. While you can use more geometric patterns to create contrast and visual interest in the space.

A textured wallpaper finish can also add visual interest and a luxurious feel to a bedroom without committing to a specific pattern. 


A simple wallpaper pattern with soft colors can make a huge difference to a lifeless bedroom! Use light colors and pastels to encourage relaxation and tranquility.


This is the perfect addition to any living space that is lacking sophistication and elegance!

Unsophisticated Living Rooms


Transform your living room with a sophisticated wallpaper pattern!

Do you ever have a feeling of “this space is missing something” but can’t quite put your finger on what exactly? Sometimes large living spaces feel like they aren’t complete because of a huge blank canvas wall.

Use wallpaper in your living room to add elegance! Choose a texture that you love and watch the space transform into a more formal area of the home. Grasscloth is a great texture to use here that will also add visual interest.


Use textured wallpaper in your living areas to create a more luxurious and sophisticated look! Wallpaper the largest blank wall and watch the space come alive.


Flavorless Dining Rooms


Do you entertain a lot at home? Or maybe you’re planning to do more entertaining in the future? 

Create a sense of occasion in your dining room by using wallpaper!

Dining rooms are often used in the evening, so they can take bolder patterns and colors as these can liven up the space even during the day. Choose colors that reflect the feeling you would like to create in the space.

Do you want to create a cozy dining space? Use dark grays and deep hues for a comfortable room. While emerald green and navy blue will create a sense of grandeur.


Go bold in your home office with this broken stripe wallpaper! This will definitely get your creative juices flowing.

“Box Standard” Office?


If you’re working from home in an uninspiring space, your productivity levels can be affected. You can easily make your office unique by using wallpaper! 

Depending on your personality and preference, a fun geometric pattern can instantly lift a home office. Or you could choose a Boho-inspired floral print to really make the room stand out!


This fun leaf wallpaper might be shown in a living space here, but this would be perfect for use in a home office! A great pattern to add some fun and visual interest to spark creativity in the working area.



Uncreative Nursery

This Mermaid Scales wallpaper would look so cute in a nursery! Also available in other colors.


Do you have a little one on the way? Or maybe you’re feeling like the nursery is too boring for your newborn? As the nursery is where your newborn baby spends a lot of time, it’s important to create an inspiring space for them to grow into. It’s amazing what they remember and subconsciously pick up from their first 5 years.

Embrace wallpaper in your nursery and add a wildlife pattern, sea life wall decals, or simple floral patterned wallpaper to create a more creative environment.


Dark Spaces


Have you got a lot of dark rooms in your home? Perhaps your living areas are north-facing and could do with lightening up a bit. 

Use wallpaper to make your dark rooms feel more cozy! Or choose a pattern to brighten the space. Either way – wallpaper is a great option for use in dark rooms! Plus, it injects color, personality, and texture which is key for making dark rooms feel lighter and more inviting.


Boring Ancillary Spaces

Add this fun polka dot wallpaper to your laundry room or mudroom to instantly add style and a creative flair.


Ancillary spaces are super fun to design, and I love using wallpaper in these spaces to spice them up! After all, you can spend a lot of time in these areas so creating happier feeling spaces can lift everyone’s spirits!

Your mudroom, laundry room, entryway, or hallways are all jumping to be loved. And one way you can make them more interesting is by using wallpaper!

Get creative and use wallpaper for a third, two-thirds, or half of the wall space to bring them to life and inject some personality into them.


Add a fun and creative patterned wallpaper to your ancillary spaces – like this hallway and entry – to inject fun and visual interest!


Have you used wallpaper in your home? Are you a lover or hater of wallpaper? I’d love to hear all about your experience in the comments below!