Custom Wallcovering

This is a fantastic example of how custom wallcovering can transform a space.
*Photo complements of MDC Wall Covering

I was meeting with a customer recently to discuss revamping their standards program. We began discussing why he called me and I learned that their objectives shifted a little and they wanted to be sure their interior standards program design was still supporting their facilities before the took it national. The meeting went well and I had a ton of design work ahead of me. One thing that I particularly love about this client is their drive to always improve and sell more.

Throughout the meeting we discussed small ways to make a big impact on their facilities and the cost associated with the ideas and if it was worth it. It’s amazing to me how many times interior designers are so concerned about designing a space so they are featured in a magazine or getting recognized by other designers and architects. As an architectural and design community, if we are focusing on our clients first, then the result would naturally be better. During this meeting, my client mentioned something that he saw at a local business and wanted to know my thoughts on it.

My response? “Is it worth it?” Many times we jump into decisions without thinking it all the way through. When evaluating if something is a good idea, it’s important to look at the situation in a holistic manner. We were discussing custom wallcovering as opposed to applied signage or wall graphics. I encouraged my client to think through what introducing this as an element into the standards program meant for their organization.

There would be a cost associated with developing the graphic to be printed, cost for the wallcovering, installation costs, and explained that not all the site conditions were the same, so each location would have to be handled individually and project managed separately. Ultimately, the decision was that the custom wallcovering was not a solution that they would be able to successfully scale and incorporate into a standards program that complemented their business model.

We are not discouraging the use of custom wall covering, actually, we have had many successful installations of custom wallcovering, but what is right for one business is not right for another. It’s important when making interior decisions to ask “Is it worth it?”

Can you think of a time when you had to make that decision for your organization?