As a parent, there seems to always be something going on. Whether it’s taking them to swim lessons, volunteering at their school, or remembering special events – it’s a lot! As a mom of twins, my schedule is only getting busier as they grow.

When it comes to the home and keeping spaces clean and tidy (or at least trying to!!) having the right organizational principles in place is absolutely key. This helps to keep overwhelm to a minimum and makes sure everything has “a home”.

One area I see main parents struggling with is the kids’ closet space! This can be a challenge for many reasons, but the most common ones are due to them growing into new clothes quickly and it quickly becoming a mess! A kid’s closet can quickly become messy if there isn’t good organization right from the start.

In today’s article, I’m going to take you through some kids closet organization tips and ideas! To help you keep your kids’ closet more organized, for longer!

Add a fun pattern to your kid’s closet with this mint vertical stripe storage bin! Ideal for use in the closet to keep seasonal items separate from the main clothing.


Declutter Regularly


The most important thing to ensure a well-organized kids’ closet (before you even start organizing!) is by having a good decluttering session. And one way I like to do this is by taking everything out of the closet and going through it all. Get rid of anything that they have grown out of or don’t wear often and donate these items to charity.

Although this is a good starting point for organizing your kids’ closets, you should plan to declutter their closets regularly. Once every 6 – 12 months should be plenty, but increase or decrease this as they grow.


The Power of Categories and Grouping


A great way of starting to organize your kid’s closet is by categorizing and grouping items! These could be categorized by sportswear, casual, smart etc or grouped by item type. Having their clothes organized by type, and in groups, ensures that pieces are easy to find and put away.

You should consider keeping pants together, shirts together, and so on.

Categorizing and grouping items is a great way to organize clothes! Group them by type to make outfit selection more straightforward.


This gray cube storage bin has a fun curved shape while also providing a practical amount of storage for a closet!

Storage Bins and Containers


One of my favorite ways of organizing closets is by using storage bins and containers! These are super useful for keeping seasonal accessories together or smaller items that can’t be folded or hung up.

For example, you could have one storage container for winter accessories: gloves, scarves, mittens, and ear muffs. Or you could have smaller containers for each of these, it really depends on the size of storage bins you have and how you see best to use them.

Another storage bin or container could contain sun hats or baseball caps! Keeping items organized by season will help you quickly reorganize the closet for each season.


Top Tip – Label the storage bins or containers so you and your child know what’s in them!

Storage bins and containers can be used in all rooms of the house! And most especially in closets. Use a storage bin or container to store away seasonal accessories like scarves.


Over the door hanging organizers like this one can be super helpful! Hang over the closet door or the back of their bedroom door to add extra storage.

Shelves to Hanging Ratio


It’s important to have a good “shelves to hanging” ratio, so there is a good amount of shelf storage and hanging space to organize clothes and storage bins.

This will be influenced massively by the number of clothes and whether they need to be hung up or folded away, but a good ratio would be 3:2 for shelves to hanging. This will ensure that there is more shelf space for keeping storage bins and containers than hanging. You can adjust this ratio to suit your individual needs.


Hanging Organizers


Have you used hanging organizers in closets before? They are great for adding extra storage space for smaller items. And are particularly useful for kids when they have lots of different accessories or smaller clothes in general.

Use a hanging organizer like this if drawer or shelf space is limited. Use these for folded clothes like tees or sweaters!


Get Them Involved!


And last but not least – get your child involved! After all, it is their closet and it’s important that they understand why the closet organization is important and they know where and how things are organized. This is a great opportunity to do something together and to teach them valuable life skills at the same time.

If you can, try to make the idea of organizing their closet into a game! That way they are more likely to be engaged for longer.

The best outcome from organizing your kid’s closet is to get them involved in the process! This will not only teach them the importance of organizational skills but increases the chances of keeping the closet organized for longer!


How have you organized your kids’ closet? Do you use categories? I’d love to hear all about your experiences in the comments below!