As parents, we want nothing but the best for our kids. Whether that’s in school, the manners they learn, and even their personal spaces. A well designed and cozy bedroom can spark creativity, encourage independence, and provide our kids with a sense of security.

For many parents, the whole idea of revamping their kids’ bedrooms can quickly become a nightmare just thinking about the various costs that are involved! But if you set a kid’s bedroom up for success from a very young age, redesigning their room in the future won’t seem so daunting or overwhelming financially.

In this article, I’m going to take you through some ideas to create a kid’s space that can grow with them. Kids quickly change their minds or develop new interests so it’s important to create a space for them to grow with as these aspects of their lives change too.

Here at Innovatus Design, we believe that every child deserves to have a room that reflects their personality, interests, and personal growth over the years. This is why I have written this article that focuses on creating Kids’ Spaces That Grow. These design ideas and tips will help you to transform your kids’ rooms into a space they will love today, and in the years to come.

Let’s discover how to create a Kids Space That Grows with them through the years!

Sherwin Williams Forever Green paint color

Getting the Base Right


Every kid’s space should start with a base color scheme that can grow with them. I always recommend a neutral base so that brighter and bolder colors can be used in other ways (bedding, blankets, accessories, etc) as they grow.

Using a neutral base means that you are unlikely to need to change this in the future, and therefore save time and money. You can choose from shades of gray, off-white or cream, just remember to test the color on your walls first and look out for any undertones.

Neutral colors are timeless, and will save a lot of arguments on choosing paint colors!

Furniture Selection


Next up is Furniture Selection! This is a hot topic for any parents when considering redesigning their kids room. Often there are conflicting views on whether to invest in good quality furniture or to stick with something cheaper like IKEA.

Technically, there is no right or wrong answer here! But it’s important to consider that kids don’t necessarily take care of things in the same manner as adults, and their needs can evolve over time.

When speaking with clients, I often recommend standard furniture that is neither super cheap nor expensive. Finding a comfortable middle ground is the way to go, and choose which items to prioritize. For example, it may be worth spending slightly more on a better quality bed and mattress than a nightstand or dresser so they can use the bed for many years ahead.

Either way, choosing neutral furniture that can be used with a variety of accent colors will serve you well, and prevent a lot of headaches in the long run! It’s important to choose furniture that can be used for many years where possible so you don’t end up spending a fortune each time the room’s design changes.

So how does the kid’s room change then? Well, I’m glad you asked! And it brings me nicely to the next section:

6-Drawer Dresser

This 6 drawer dresser is perfect for using in a kids space because it will serve them well for many years!

Acrylic Nightstand

Use an acrylic nightstand in your kids room so it goes well with any style and colors.

3-Drawer Dresser

Another stylish dresser that would be ideal for a kids space! Neutral furniture is ideal as they will go with any color your kid wants in the future.

Painted Nightstand

Use a painted nightstand to inject some neutral color into your kids room!

Accent Pieces


This is predominantly where your child’s personality and interests will really shine through. Accent pieces like decorative accessories are smaller items that are budget-friendly and relatively inexpensive to change as they grow (in relation to completely redecorating the room and buying new furniture).

Decorative pillows, bedding, floor pillows, wall art, and decoration, are all items that can be easily and inexpensively changed as your kids grow. Even storage baskets or bins that toys or clothes get stored in can be swapped and changed to give the room a whole new look!

These decorative accent pieces have the power to change your kids’ space as they grow up!

Floral Blackout Curtains

Use a fun patterned blackout curtain for your kids room to inject personality!

Zebra Wall Art

Wall art is ideal for decorating your kids room on a budget!

Kids' Striped Comforter Set

Inject personality, color, and pattern into your kid’s space through their bedding! We love this striped set.

Rainbow Rug

Rugs are another great way of adding color, texture, and pattern into your kids room! 

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