Moody Bedroom Design

Creating a dark, comfortable and moody bedroom has become a popular request from many of our clients. Today we wanted to share what makes a moody bedroom design stand out from the rest and how to create a similar look in your own home! If you have a love for darker shades, warm tones with a mix of gold or silver accent pieces, then this design is for you! Let’s explore how you can create a moody bedroom design that still feels cozy and inviting!

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How to Recognize a Moody Bedroom

Typically, a moody bedroom design will use the darker shades of colors inspired by stormy seas and skies. The style is recognized by the combination of this with lighter colored accent pieces or gold or silver metals. Soft lighting makes all the difference!

Fun Facts:

A moody bedroom design doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be black or extremely dark… The walls could be grey, brown, dark green or a rich and alluring red. By creating a darker bedroom they are more cozy and restful as our minds typically recognize dark environments like nighttime as a place to unwind and sleep.

Typically a moody bedroom uses the darker shades of colors, some feature elements finished in gold or silver such as lamps, and can be perceived as a more masculine space.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Dark or rich tones of colors
  • Warmth through different textures  
  • Soft and moody lighting
  • Aged brass or silver accessories to enhance the depth of rich colors

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Scandinavian Design

Black Floral Bedding Set

Enhance the dark side of your bedroom with this beautiful dark floral patterned bedding set. The bedding you choose can hugely influence the overall look and feel of the bedroom.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Blush Floral Print

Add a feminine touch with a dark floral wall print! Perfect for adding to the wall space above the bed’s headboard or on a feature wall.

Scandinavian Design

Nightstand Lamps

Adding feature pieces with gold or silver detailing helps to add to the moodiness of a dark bedroom. We love you can plug your devices into the base on these lamps! 

Scandinavian Design

Blackout Curtains

These blackout curtains are perfect for enhancing that moody bedroom feeling!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Dark Ocean Canvas

If moody skies and oceans are more your thing then this canvas art is perfect for you! The dark and moodiness of this artwork is perfect for creating a moody bedroom design.

Scandinavian Design

Grey Nightstand

Moody bedrooms don’t mean extremely dark tones all the time… A lighter finished nightstand will help to emphasise the design of that and the bed itself.

Scandinavian Design

Midnight Purple Velvet Pillow

The depth of midnight purple in this velvet pillow is beautiful! A subtle hint of color in a dark or moody bedroom design helps to bring everything together.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Industrial Style Nightstand

This nightstand is perfect for creating a moody bedroom design because of the dark steel frame and warm texture from the wooden drawer. A beautiful solution to creating an understated yet dark look.

Scandinavian Design

Modern Table Lamps

Keeping the nightstand lamps simple helps to emphasize other darker elements in the room. The monochrome style of this table lamp is great for combining with other colors of your choice.

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