We’re now in Week 3 of the One Room Challenge. Missed last week? You can catch up with Week 2 here and Week 1 here.


One Room Challenge – Week 3!

Color Pallet

Some of you know that I have my own home decor line. It’s an emerging line that’s been growing, super fun, and a little frustrating at times. Mostly fun though, as I’m still learning. 

Caleb asked for blue and green in his new room (as well as the dinos and trucks), so I wanted to give him that. I decided that a cool way to give him what he needed was to design a wallpaper pattern, especially for him. 


I love plaids. There’s something about the texture, the line variations, and the warmth in a good plaid pattern. I designed his wallpaper to have a playful take on plaid but still have a childlike and sketchy appearance. Caleb, like most kids, prefers more saturated colors, and I wanted his room to be a bright space he loves, not just another room that would fit into a tidy Instagram feed. 

Despite being south-facing, his room is still on the dark side. My goal was to provide some brightness for him and lighten his space up. The wallpaper would need to incorporate green and blue, but still reflect light so he has a great play area during the daytime. 

Thankfully, my tough little critic likes the wallpaper and has approved it, as long as one of the walls can be painted green. Sure buddy, no problem. 

This is the plaid wallpaper I have designed for Caleb. The plaid pattern encompasses all the colors he asked for, and the white foreground will help to keep the room feeling bright!

Paint Color

When the bedroom was Tony’s office, we had painted the walls blue, Tony’s favorite color. The blue is a more sophisticated color and too muted for what we need in Caleb’s room. Not only that, but the LVR (light reflectance value) on the blue we used when the space was an office absorbs more light and I want the space to feel brighter for Caleb, hence a higher LVR. 

Before installing wallpaper, you always need to prep the wall first. This doesn’t matter if you’re working with traditional paper, or a peel and stick variety like we’re using. I always recommend painting your wall a color that’s similar to the background color of the wallpaper being used. This will help the seams of the wallpaper to be more forgiving. 

In our case, Sherwin Williams Pure white is a close match to the foreground of the wallpaper, so I picked up a gallon (more than I really need) of Sherwin Williams Duration (in Pure White) to hide the existing blue paint. 

I selected Duration because it’s more cost-effective than some of the other options without compromising coverage. I also selected a flat finish so the wallpaper has a better chance of adhering to the wall. Many times a wallpaper primer would be used instead of paint, but I decided to move forward with paint because the peel and stick wallpaper is removable and I didn’t want to get stuck painting the wall in the future if the wallpaper needs to be removed for any reason. 

Sherwin Williams Pure White is a close match to the background of the wallpaper so will provide the perfect base for the room!


Before installing the wallpaper, we need to wait for the paint to cure appropriately. Stay tuned, and we’ll share all the installation details! 

What is the One Room Challenge?

The One Room Challenge is an event that occurs every Fall and Spring. Designers, bloggers, and home enthusiasts elect to transform one space over 8-weeks. Follow along with us as transform Caleb’s bedroom! Click on the ORC Logo to see all the Week 3 posts from other participants.