We’re now in Week 4 of the One Room Challenge! Missed last week? You can catch up with Week 3 hereWeek 2 here and Week 1 here.

Ceiling Fan Drama! Working Dinos Room Starting to Come Together 

Our house is hot in the summer. Heat rises and the bedrooms get especially warm. I honestly don’t know how the previous owners managed in this house without ceiling fans upstairs, but we installed them very quickly after we moved in. Caleb’s room was the only room without a ceiling fan. When we were “selling” the idea of having his own room to him, Tony told him that we’d even get him a ceiling fan. 

Well, know what? From day 1, he has been claiming it’s hot in there. 😂

Ceiling Fan Selection

I selected a compact, caged ceiling fan for Caleb because it’s not only stylish but also will protect the fan blades from flying projectiles. I’ve seen that kid throw all kinds of things inside the house that he’s not supposed to, and while the fan in the room he shared with Emily for the first four years of his life never had any issues, I wanted to minimize risk for the future as he gets older.  

This is the I selected for Caleb’s bedroom. The caged design is super stylish while doubling as practical too!


Luckily, there’s attic space directly above Caleb’s room, so running a line and installing a new junction box was relatively straightforward because of accessibility. 

What wasn’t so straightforward was the mold that was found in the attic. Yikes! 

Half of the attic has a disgusting layer of mold over it. We’ve had water issues in the past, and needed to correct the bathroom ventilation nearby, but this is on a whole new level. 

We don’t access the attic much, and honestly had no idea the roof was in such poor condition. Now we sit tight waiting for the mold remediation company to assess the damage and solution.


As soon as this was discovered, we called a mold remediation company to come to take a look and assess the damage. As we waited the two days for them to arrive, I continued to tease Tony that the One Room Challenge may turn into a Two Room Challenge… Will I get the primary bedroom and bathroom addition I’ve always dreamed of? What about a primary bathroom remodel that we’ve been talking about? Both would be impacted by the mold depending on the roof, so I guess we will have to wait to find out!! 


What is the One Room Challenge?

The One Room Challenge is an event that occurs every Fall and Spring. Designers, bloggers, and home enthusiasts elect to transform one space over 8-weeks. Follow along with us as transform Caleb’s bedroom! Click on the ORC Logo to see all the Week 4 posts from other participants.