We’re in Week 5 of the One Room Challenge! Missed last week? You can catch up with Week 4 here, Week 3 here,  Week 2 here, and Week 1 here.

The Mold Drama Continues! But We’re Making Progress on the Working Dinos Bedroom

The mold in the attic situation is crazy. We had a mold remediation company come out and take a look. The guy said he had never seen anything that bad and advised us that the attic wasn’t getting proper ventilation and the baffles were blocked with insulation. He told us they could help with the mold, but we needed a roofing company to look at the roof’s structure first. If the boards and ceiling joists needed to be replaced, this One Room Challenge was about to turn into a home addition. (The addition would be the owner’s suite we’ve dreamed of adding over the garage since we bought the home.) 

While I had a little time to dream of a new owner’s suite, we made sure to be realistic while also getting the progress moving with Caleb’s new Working Dinos Bedroom.

I had a little time to dream, budget, and make progress on our home addition plans in between other project work and working on Caleb’s room. In the meantime, we also reached out to a few other professionals to help us with a plan for the mold in the attic. 

We had another mold expert, a roofer, and a ventilation specialist. 

The Roofer’s Verdict

The roofer said the structure of the roof looked to be intact.

We’d need a new roof in a few years because it’s still the original roof, but no need to do that now. The boards were still strong and the only thing we should consider is re-nailing the boards when we do move forward with a new roof. His advice was to make sure the baffles weren’t blocked, install some smart attic fans, and rework the bathroom exhaust fans with better ones. 


The Ventilation Specialist 

Basically, our current ventilation needs to be improved. He made some recommendations for an attic fan, and also treating the baffles for better airflow.

We have the mold remediation and ventilation work on the schedule. No new owner’s suite or new bathroom for us! I guess that’s good news, but my interior designer heart had fun dreaming of our next home project!

Working Dinos Progress

As far as Caleb’s actual room-  We made progress by getting his new comforter in. I was also able to select his blackout shade and get it ordered too! 

Kid’s Comforter

Caleb loves his custom comforter!

Remember, Caleb requested dinosaurs and construction trucks? I wanted to carry that theme into his bedding. I designed a fabric pattern for his comforter and matching sham that had dinosaurs wearing construction hats! While I showed him the pattern ahead of time, he was over the moon when the comforter arrived and he could see it in real life!

Something seemed to be missing, so I also designed and ordered a complementary blanket for him.

Both of these pieces will be available in our shop soon!


Bed assembly, also a father-son bonding activity!

Caleb’s new bed came in. The assembly was much easier than the dresser! Ha! Tony decided to tackle the assembly project and asked Caleb if he wanted to help! It was a cute father-son bonding time, even if the bed assembly took significantly longer as a result! 

We chose a for Caleb which has some fluted detailing for the headboard. This timeless bed design should last him for many years as he grows older.


So things are really starting to take shape, and I’m pleased to say that the client (aka my four-year-old son, Caleb) is happy with how things are looking!


What is the One Room Challenge?

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