Powder rooms (or the “downstairs bathroom/toilet” between friends) are often left until last when it comes to decorating. Which makes sense because it’s probably the smallest room in your home! Typically a powder room is small in size that comprises only a sink and toilet. And just because this room is small, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the design and decoration should be kept minimal… There are lots of different routes you can go down for your powder room that can make it a real feature of your home.

If you’re looking to make some changes to the design of your powder room – you’re in the right place! As that’s exactly what we’re discussing today – the different decorating ideas for powder rooms, to give you a helping hand and some inspiration.

Shall we have a look at some design and decorating ideas for powder rooms?


Light and Airy vs. Dark and Moody

We love this bathroom vanity with the farmhouse detailing! This is perfect for small powder rooms as it has lots of character. 


There are two main paths that homeowners take with their powder rooms – light and airy or dark and moody. Either are completely valid and look spectacular, but it all depends on your personal style, personality, and how the other rooms of the home are decorated as to which route is best for you.

For instance, if your home is predominantly farmhouse chic with some modern accents, a light and airy feel will continue with this interior style and work really well. But if you’d prefer to create a contrast with your powder room then we would suggest going down the dark and moody route to create a feature with the room. 

*If you’re not sure which interior design style you are, take our Interior Style Quiz today and find out!

With light and airy powder rooms, you can draw from other neutral colors in your house as a starting point. This could be white, cream, or light shades of color that you have used. Think sky blue, sage green, or even lilac. 

Dark and moody powder rooms feature dark painted walls or wallpaper patterns with contrasting metal finishes to set the darkness off. You could even consider painting the ceiling a dark color to really emphasize the moodiness of the room.

If entirely dark and moody rooms aren’t for you, then consider a monochromatic approach to the powder room instead. 

Above all, choose a design and color route that resonates with you and that you’ll love for many years to come to avoid costly changes every few years.

We love using feature wallpaper or paint colors in powder room designs because they add character to the space and creates a feature wall.

Feature Wall Ideas

This vanity unit is perfect for modern homes or anyone looking to add a contemporary touch to their powder room! 


When designing powder rooms for my clients I love to explore the options for a feature wall. Sometimes this is by using shiplap, a wallcovering or a paneled wall, or wainscotting. And as the powder room tends to be small in size it often means these feature walls aren’t as expensive to do than if they were for one of the main living areas. Plus – you can paint and finish them in any way you like.

A classic look that will never go out of style is wainscotting the bottom third or half of the walls, finished in white. Above this, you can either paint the rest of the wall height a contrasting color or add wallpaper. Or you could use shiplap for the bottom third depending on the look you prefer.

Another way of creating a feature in the powder room is through the tiling. You can be really creative with the color and arrangement and take the same principle of thirds as with paneling. You could tile the bottom third of the walls in a classic colored subway tile.


Creating a feature wall in a powder room could be done through shiplap and creative tiling like in this example. Get creative with the colors and arrangements of tiles.

The Accessories


Bathroom Accessories like storage baskets, diffusers, indoor plants, and coordinating hardware and light fixtures can really help to bring a powder room design together. Consider installing shelves to style with different accessories to make the room feel more finished. We also like to use accessories that feature the colors used in the room to make the design feel cohesive.

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Coordinate accessories with the other colors used in the powder room for a curated and cohesive look.

Other Aspects to Consider

A classic vanity unit such as this one will never go out of style! The small size is great for powder rooms. 


Let’s not forget about the flooring and vanity unit for the powder room!

If your powder room is on the really small size, or connected to the main hallway, foyer, or living areas of the home then it is desirable to keep the flooring the same throughout these areas for consistency.

A stylish vanity unit is another must-have for any powder room. And so long as you install a painted vanity you can re-paint it in the future as your decorating style changes or it needs a refresh.


I hope you have enjoyed reading through these decorating ideas for your powder room! Are you currently redecorating your powder room? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!