Fall is officially here. If you’re in the midwest like us, you’ve started to notice the trees changing and the temperature starting to drop. Fall boots are starting to make their way to the street and soups are making the way to the lunch menu much more regularly. One thing I love about chillier weather is the desire to curl up and read a book. Reading nooks are perfect for quiet reading. So what makes a good reading nook?
Cozy Chair A cozy chair is imperative to making a good reading nook. When selecting the perfect reading chair, look for one that is comfortable and has adequate elbow room for when you’re reading. Weather you read hard copies of books or use an e-reader, the chair needs to be wide enough. The chair should have a back high enough to support your torso and head and upholstered arms are ideal.
Ottoman An ottoman or foot rest should be the height of the chair seat or slightly lower than the seat height to eliminate stress on legs and ensure proper circulation. The ottoman pictured at right introduces a new texture to the reading area and is also in a fabric that has variation in it, giving it the ability to hide dirt more easily. The wooden legs lighten the aesthetic next to the more robust chair offering balance.
Reading Lamp Direct task light will alleviate eye stress when reading. The lamp should be positioned just above shoulder height when sitting. Ideally, the arms should be adjustable so that you can customize the lamp positioning based on the book you’re reading or who is using the space. The reading lamp at left features adjustable pivots so that you can adjust the lamp based on your reading needs. It also includes an LED light bulb to keep energy costs down. The dark finish of the lamp will stand out as a feature next to the lighter chair and ottoman combination.
Soft Throw A soft throw adds an inviting touch and is a practical tool when the temperature drops. The throw can also be folded or bundled into a soft support for the back, feet or neck. Throws can be switched out as the seasons change and offer a way to alter color schemes easily and inexpensively.
Lumbar Pillow A small rectangular pillow is perfect for lower back support when reading for any length of time. The pillow should have a smooth surface and limited embellishments to ensure it’s function isn’t interrupted and to protect clothing when the pillow is in use.
Book Storage It’s always helpful to keep books near the reading nook! Book storage can take many forms. The books can be hidden away in a small cabinet, or even displayed in a decorative stack next to the chair. Tall bookshelves can line the walls nearby, or fun accent shelves can display books as home accessories. Closed storage keeps the area looking tidy. The cabinet shown includes glass doors that will allow the books to be seen, but still keeping them dust free and the area clutter free.