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The Interior Design Process
Never worked with a designer? What’s the process and how does this whole thing work? 

If you’ve decided that working with a designer is right for you then what’s next? 

Let’s Chat

First we’ll chat about your project. We’ll set up a good time to talk on the phone where you can share about what you’re trying to accomplish, how you use the space and tell me a bit about your family and lifestyle. Once I have an understanding of what your needs are and we start getting to know each other, we know if we would be a good match to work together. If your project is outside my scope of services, I’ll let you know if we need to bring in another partner. (For example, if you are looking to make structural changes.) Our discussion is complementary and usually lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.

Let’s Meet

That first discussion was the foundation to our meeting. This meeting is a time for us to discuss your project in deeper detail in person. We don’t discuss solutions just yet, and I don’t reveal all my design secrets… just yet! During this meeting we talk about if what you’re looking for is feasible and makes sense while looking at the space. I also gather clues about your lifestyle, general style, purchasing comfort level and family needs from an outside perspective. If you’ve been pinning or saving photos of things you like, this is the time to share! I’ll also be able to estimate how many hours it will take to complete your project and can measure your space. 

The Agreement

Following our meeting, I’ll write up our design agreement. It’s a not so scary document that outlines the scope of services I’ll be providing as well as a list of final deliverables. The great thing about the agreement is that it clearly outlines what’s included and it’s a not to exceed agreement so you know what the services investment is upfront and won’t be surprised by hidden design fees later. You’ll be able to sign the agreement online and issue the retainer payment online as well. 

The Fun Begins!

Now that we’re on the same page, it’s time for the design magic to begin! Behind the scenes I get hard at work designing your space. This takes 3-6 weeks depending on the size and scope of your project.

What happens during these weeks? Here’s what I do:


Draw it up!

Remember those dimensions I took when we met and walked through your home? Now it’s time to transfer them into AutoCAD. I draw up your space so it’s ready for space planning. The drawing includes the walls, locations of any doors and windows and special architectural features like a fireplace or columns.

Space Planning

Space planning is when I try to figure out the best way to lay out your space and determine where furniture should be placed based on our conversations and meetings. This process will also give me clues into the size furniture we should be looking at for anything new we’ll be purchasing or how any existing pieces will fit in the space. If any architectural elements are needed, the brainstorming begins. Wainscoting? Trim? Beautiful tile work? The wheels start turning!


Now that we have a good plan to work with, I’ll research options that will make the plan come to life. Not only am I trying to find the right furniture for your home, but also accessories as well. Sofas, chairs, window treatments, rugs, oh my! Samples of fabrics, tile, flooring and paint are ordered during this time as well.

Packaging it Up!

Seeing all these ideas are swirling around, they need to get organized in a way that will be helpful when we meet to go over everything. I pull the plans and selections together into a presentation that we will review together. Stock, lead times, and pricing is checked and I work through a rough budget of all the goods being suggested. I also make a list of anything that we need to get a labor estimate on, such as electrical work, builtins or onsite fabrication.

The Big Reveal

We meet again! This time we get to talk through the design solutions for your space and I spill all my design secrets. We talk through the plan first and how it meets your needs, then we move through the selections themselves so you can understand how it will all come together. You’ll get to touch and feel any samples and we’ll discuss anything that needs to change before we can move forward to the final.


Based on the feedback from The Big Reveal, I’ll make some small tweaks to the plan or selections. Once the revisions are complete, they will be emailed over to you for your review. Once the revisions are approved, then final pricing gets pulled together.


With the plans in hand, we will work on final pricing for everything. You’ll get to reach out to your favorite contractors for pricing for painting, carpentry, electrical work and I’ll work on the pricing and shopping list for any goods we’re purchasing such as furniture, art and rugs. Some items you’ll purchase through me, some on your own. You’ll receive an invoice for items from my trade sources and product information from any retail sources that you’ll need to procure from. If you prefer we handle the retail goods, we can do that too! 

Schedule & Order

Once I receive payment for trade items, I’ll place orders with my vendors. You’ll be able to go out and order or purchase everything on your shopping list. Trades will be scheduled and work can begin.

Let's get started!