Sherwin Williams Rain


Narrowing down your general paint color choice is just half the battle! Once you’ve decided on your main color (green, blue, pink, purple, etc), you then need to cut this down even further to an exact shade! Will it be a deep and rich hue, or a light and bright one?

With the extensive choice available to homeowners, it’s no wonder people get confused and overwhelmed very quickly when choosing a paint color for their home.

That is why I like to create these articles about one specific paint color, explain its characteristics, and discuss how it can be used in a home. Hopefully, these articles can take some of the ambiguity out of choosing the right paint color!

Today, I’m showcasing Sherwin Williams Rain (SW 6219)! It is one of the lesser-known paint colors of the Sherwin-Williams range, as it is defined as a blue paint color, with undertones of green and gray. If you are on the hunt for a cool neutral paint color, you should consider Sherwin Williams Rain.

Let’s take a closer look at this paint color and discuss how and where you can use this in your own home!

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Why We Love It!

Sherwin Williams Rain (SW 6219) evokes a sense of nature, bringing a familiar warmth to it. You should expect the paint color to therefore have undertones of green that shine through from time to time.

Another reason why we love Rain is its LRV score of 49! LRV refers to a paint color’s light reflective value which can determine how bright or dark the color is. A high score will help to brighten a space, while a low score will darken it. With Rain’s LRV score setting at 49, this shows us that the paint color sits practically in the middle!

Sherwin Williams Rain is a cool paint color making it an ideal option for homes in warmer climates – it will balance out the warmth!

How to Use Sherwin Williams Rain at Home 

Sherwin Williams Rain is the perfect paint color for allover wall paint. It’s a great color choice for creating a calm bedroom, or restful family room. Pair it with cream, or off-whites to really make the color shine! You could also use this paint color as an accent wall color in more neutral homes if brighter colors aren’t your go-to.

We particularly like to use this paint color in bathrooms and bedrooms to really harness the nature-inspired tones of the color, and to provide a calming color palette. Wherever you need a calmer, softer and more peaceful environment, Sherwin Williams Rain is the perfect paint color to consider.

What to Watch Out for

There are a few considerations to take into account if you’re thinking of using Sherwin Williams Rain in your home.

First, as the paint color is on the cooler side, you should carefully consider using Rain in north-facing rooms. As the natural light in these spaces is on the cooler side, adding a cool paint color will only emphasize this. Therefore, Sherwin Williams Rain may not be the best choice of color to use. 

Always test a paint color on your walls before committing! Each home and room will have completely different lighting so it is important to test paint colors in each space beforehand. 

Another aspect to consider is the size of the room you wish to use this paint color in. If you have a very small space, consider paint colors with a higher LRV value (ideally 60 or above).

Accent Color Pairings

Let’s get to the fun part! And explore some color schemes that incorporate Sherwin Williams Rain in your home!

Sherwin Williams Rain (SW 6219) can be paired with a variety of contrasting colors, or pair it with neutral colors to make a feature of it.

Pair Rain with warmer paint colors (second color palette on the right) to balance out the cool undertones of the color.

Here are some color palettes I have put together to show you how Sherwin Williams Rain could be used at home:

Paint Colors, from left to right:

Sherwin Williams Pearly White SW 7009

Sherwin Williams Breathless SW 6022

Sherwin Williams Rain SW 6219

Sherwin Williams Riverway SW 6222

Sherwin Williams Dark Night SW 6237

Paint Colors, from left to right:

Sherwin Williams Pearl Onion SW 7126

Sherwin Williams Rain SW 6219

Sherwin Williams Still Water SW 6223

Sherwin Williams Roycroft Bottle Green SW 2847

Sherwin Williams Black Emerald SW 2936

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