Sherwin Williams Sea Salt – The Perfect Muted Green


It is a well known fact that color has the ability to completely transform any space. As an interior designer, we review every inch of a space to ensure it’s functional and fit for purpose for the client and their family. But alongside the practicality of the space is how it appears visually to those using it, and how the space makes them feel.

Color psychology plays a vital role in interior design. It is the study of colors, and their various shades, as a determinant of human behavior. While it may not be obvious, color does indeed influence how we feel, and can cause certain emotions.

This is why paint colors can be extremely important, and why we have started sharing our favorite paint colors and diving deeper into them to determine how you can use them successfully in your own home.

Today, we’re looking at Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (SW 6204)! (Not to be confused with Benjamin Moore Sea Salt of course) While the interior design world is leaning more into warm tones, and embracing shades of beige, cream, and browns, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a cool, muted green paint color that has blue undertones. This color has the power to help balance out all the warmth to bring more harmony into a space.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is an extremely versatile paint color that can be used in a variety of different ways throughout the home.

Let’s explore Sea Salt in more detail and discuss how you can use it in your own home!

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Why We Love Sherwin Williams Sea Salt!


We love Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (SW 6204) because it’s an iconic blue green paint color that has the power to transform any space. It works equally well with muted, neutral colors as it does with fresh and colorful ones. This makes the paint color flexible which everyone needs up their sleeve!

If there is a space that needs warming up, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt can be used to bring a warm sense of calm to a room, while it can also help to add a coolness too. Ultimately, the paint color is a relaxing and calm one that is perfect for using where you need to relax the most.

How to Use Sea Salt at Home 


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (SW 6204) is a fantastic paint color for using as an all-over wall paint. We love using Sea Salt with a crisp white, or soft off-white to the ceilings and trim to really make the paint color come alive on the walls.

You can even use Sherwin Williams Sea Salt on cabinetry, or for kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity units! If using this paint color on all four walls is too much for your personal style, try using it as the feature wall color.

What to Watch Out for…


As with any paint color you choose for your home, there are some considerations to take into account when thinking of using Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (SW 6204) in your home.

If you pair this paint color with too many other cool tones in a space, it will make everything look and feel cold. Instead, it should be used with slightly warmer tones to help balance out the undertones of this paint color.

Steer clear of using Sea Salt with creamy whites or browns, use crisp white paint colors instead, or blues and black colors.

Ways to Make This Color Last in Your Home


It’s relatively straightforward to make Sherwin Williams Sea Salt last in your home as it’s such a versatile paint color! You can easily use this color as all-over wall paint to all four walls of a room, or simply use it as a feature wall color instead.

Alternatively, embrace the muted green-gray color that it is and paint your kitchen island cabinets or bathroom vanity unit! 

Make sure to use a crisp white paint color on the ceiling and trim work to really make Sea Salt pop!

Accent Color Pairings


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt pairs well with a variety of other colors! Pair it with darker colors to make the color pop (such as Sherwin Williams Iron Ore – top left), or create a vibrant color palette by pairing Sea Salt with a deep blue color (such as Sherwin Williams Indigo Batik – top right).

Our favorite white paint color to pair Sea Salt with is Sherwin Williams Pure White (bottom right) as this makes the perfect paint color for ceilings and trim.

Top Left – Sherwin Williams Iron Ore (SW 7069)

Top Right – Sherwin Williams Indigo Batik (SW 7602)

Bottom Left – Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (SW 6204)

Bottom Right – Sherwin Williams Pure White (SW 7005)

Our Favorite Sea Salt Inspired Accessories:

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Scandinavian Design

Linen Textured Decorative Pillow

Swapping your decorative pillows for shades of soft sage green will help you to incorporate this paint color into your home!

Scandinavian Design

Green Glass Vases (Set of 2)

Inject this color into your home with this set of green glass vases! The organic shape and intricate detailing adds visual interest to any space.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are a must-have for any bedroom! They are great for incorporating color and pattern into the space too.

Scandinavian Design

Votive Candles (Set of 12)

Add some colored votive candles to any room of the home to inject this beautiful subtle green color into your space.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Hand Tufted Wool Area Rug

Use an area rug to inject texture and this beautiful muted green color into your home! The texture adds an organic and natural touch to any space.

Scandinavian Design

Cotton Blanket

Add an extra layer of texture and warmth into your bedroom or living room with this soft cotton blanket! 

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