Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom design doesn’t end at the tiles and plumbing… That’s only the beginning! With the help of bathroom accessories, you can create a professionally designed look for your bathroom. These accessories really add to the overall design and polish the space off! We love using accessories in this way for bathrooms so we wanted to share some more inspiration, tips, and ideas with you in this Shop the Look feature! Be sure to check out our inspiration board and the shoppable links below to create your perfect space!

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Which Bathroom Accessories?

Bathroom accessories take design cues from the other finishes used within the room to finish off the whole design. Soap dispensers, storage canisters for cotton pads, trays for the vanity unit, candles, waste baskets… The list goes on!

Fun Facts:

Bathroom accessories often get forgotten about completely which is a real shame because they bring together metals and colors used in the space. Take inspiration from your finishes – what color tiles are you using? Do you have a specific finish for the faucets? Maybe there is a wood finish too? The answers to these questions will help you pinpoint exactly the style and finish of bathroom accessories that will work well for your bathroom.

Use small trays on the vanity unit to display a candle, diffuser, soap dispenser, or any other accessory you’d like here. The bathroom accessories don’t stop there either… Wastebaskets and toilet roll holders both come into this category too.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Trays for keeping soap dispensers on
  • Coordinating soap dispensers  
  • Clear glass or acrylic storage canisters
  • Storage baskets

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Scandinavian Design

4-Piece Marble Style Bathroom Set

Add a modern decorative touch to your bathroom with this 4-piece set! The geometric shape and marble finish instantly makes a bathroom more chic.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Acrylic Storage Canisters

These canisters are perfect for storing Q-tips and cotton pads!

Scandinavian Design

Wooden Pedestal Tray

Use a tray on your bathroom vanity to display a soap dispenser, candle or anything else you may need there.

Scandinavian Design

White / Clear Acrylic Bathroom Accessories

This set of bathroom accessories helps to keep everything cohesive within the bathroom. Perfect for adding neutral shades to colorful spaces!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Concrete Oval Tray

Add a rustic texture to your bathroom with this concrete oval tray! Great for keeping soap and moisturizer dispensers on.

Scandinavian Design

Black Acrylic Bathroom Set

Use a set of monochrome bathroom accessories for colorful bathrooms or to add a different texture.

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