Boho Wall Hangings

A popular question that gets asked in my Interior Design Facebook Group is “what should I do with this blank wall?” Whether it be a wall in the living room, dining room or bedroom, there is often a blank wall that needs a little something to help finish off the room’s design. Rather than using the traditional wall mirror or piece of artwork, have you ever considered using Boho Wall Hangings in your home? In this Shop the Look feature I’m going to share my top tips and ideas on how you can use Boho Wall Hangings in your home!

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How to Recognize Boho Wall Hangings

Boho design typically uses neutral colors, textures and takes a relaxed approach. Wall hangings – sometimes also referred to as Macrame Wall Hangings – are usually handmade with rope or cord to create a unique pattern hung from a wooden frame. These hangings create a light and airy feel to a space while adding warmth and texture! Other Boho wall pieces include patterned disks or dream catchers.

Fun Facts:

Bohemian design is for those who love life full of culture, and interesting items for everyone to see. Interestingly, this interior design style began in the 19th Century in Paris, France. Inspired by those who believed art and creativity were more valuable than money – also referred to as the “original Bohemians”. It was all about going against the grain and ignoring any design rules at the time.

Boho interior design is all about carefree layers of texture and pattern with colors thrown in for good measure. This design style is often thought to be eclectic due to the carefree use of color and pattern. Interiors that are Boho are considered to be extremely personal to those using the space.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Neutral colors: white, beige and tan
  • Cotton or cord used as the main material  
  • Wooden pole to hold the knitted, crocheted or wound design
  • Handmade

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This set of mirrored woven wall hangings would look perfect above a bed!

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Pipe Terracotta Dimensional Wall Hanging

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Hanging Totems

Boho decor comes in many different forms and these hanging totems add a unique perspective to wall hangings!

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Natural Wall Hanging

This naturall wall hanging adds texture and warmth to a space to finish if off elegantly.

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Ombre Wall Hanging

Why not add some color to your home with this ombre wall hanging? The texture of this one will add visual interest to any room!

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