Chic Toddler Bedrooms

As a twin toddler mom myself, I completely get it when other parents say to me that they struggle to create chic bedrooms for their toddlers! It’s difficult being constantly torn between investing in certain pieces and also wanting to keep the costs down. Your toddler’s interests will inevitably change over the years but that doesn’t mean you cannot create a chic space for them! That’s where this Shop the Look feature comes in. Let’s take a closer look at how you can create a Chic Toddler Bedroom for your little one!

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Chic Toddler Bedroom

Creating a fun environment for your toddler that will also last for many years may seem like a dream, but by investing in the right pieces and being open minded and flexible with others means you can do just that. PLUS – your toddler will love the space!

The biggest thing to consider is which pieces of furniture you should invest in. These may include storage units, wardrobes, chest of drawers, a bed and nightstands. Everything else needs to be flexible and cost effective as you’re likely to change these as your toddlers mature and change interests and hobbies.

Fun Facts:

Toddler’s bedrooms have evolved so much over the years, especially with social media and Pinterest overtaking us. The demand for a stylish room throughout the house now extends to even the nursery and toddler’s bedrooms! Whenever I help my clients with their toddlers’ or kids’ bedrooms, it’s always about them – the child. What interests do they have, hobbies, favorite colors or patterns, and I take it from there.

Above anything else, bedrooms for toddlers and kids should be practical and made to feel like their own little sanctuary. More often than not it’s a space for them to play, learn and sleep in, and by leaning into your toddler’s interests you will create the perfect environment for them to thrive in.

Invest where you can on items that have the potential to last for 8+ years and shop around for inexpensive items so it’s cost-effective for you. With kids’ ever-changing interests and hobbies, making the space flexible for them will make you feel more comfortable about updating their room.

Use storage baskets to your advantage and help your little ones store their toys, books, and anything else they may have! Low bookcases are great for this, and floating shelves.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Lots of color and patterns!
  • Wall decals to suit their interests
  • Good quality furniture for bigger items
  • Storage baskets (for toys, books, magazines)
  • Comforting textiles (decorative pillows and throw blankets)

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Scandinavian Design

Armless Bean Bag Chair

Bean bags are great for kids rooms because they create a comfortable environment that’s just for them.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Charcoal 4-Drawer Chest

A good quality dresser will last many years in a kids bedroom! Choose and invest wisely.

Scandinavian Design

Whale and Diver Wall Sticker

Adding wall stickers and decals to toddler’s bedrooms are an easy way to customize the room to their interests. This one is perfect for any sea life lover!

Scandinavian Design

Pom Pom Drum Bins

Adding cute storage bins and baskets help to encourage daily or weekly clean ups because it’s so easy!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Rainbow Hearts Watercolor Wall Decal

This wall decal is perfect for any little girl who loves to dream! These really help to personalize the space.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Low Bookcase

Add storage to your toddlers room to display books, magazines and store toys away easily!

Personalize Your Space

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