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Now more than ever many of my clients have been asking how they can create a cozy living room in their home. This is because they are spending more time at home and need a comfortable environment to relax in. So today I wanted to share with you what makes a cozy living room design stand out and how to create a similar feeling in your home, no matter what color scheme you currently have! If you love a good Netlix binge or movie night after a long day working – having a cozy, comfortable and relaxed living room is definitely for you! Let’s take a closer look at how you can create a cozy living room design that still feels elegant!

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How to Recognize a Cozy Living Room

Typically, a cozy living room design can use almost any color scheme… But a truly cozy room will use slightly darker shades than normal and include different textures. The style is recognized by the combination of this with lighter furniture and accent pieces. Soft lighting makes all the difference for creating a cozy ambience too!

Fun Facts:

A cozy living room design doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be dark in colors, rather you should focus on using colors that have an undertone of red (and not blue!) so they feel warmer. Using colors with warm undertones helps to create a more cozy and relaxing atmosphere. A cozy living room also features deeper furniture than normal. For example, the sofa and armchairs should be deep enough so you can fully relax and unwind without the furniture forcing your posture. If you have space, a sectional sofa is ideal for this, as it’s easy to curl up in a corner. 

Accessories and different textured textile pieces help to create a cozy environment too.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Soft and subtle tones of colors
  • Warmth through different textures – faux fur, velvet, wool 
  • Soft and moody lighting
  • Deep furniture like armchairs and sofas – particularly sectionals

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If you see something you like but the sizing or fabric isn’t quite right for your space – please message us so we can help!

Scandinavian Design

Sectional Sofa

Enhance the comfort in your living room with a deep sectional sofa! The fluted upholstery makes this piece a modern addition to any home.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Rope Weave Pillows

Add texture with rope, wool and soft textiles! This set of 2 pillows are perfect for adding an extra layer of comfort to your living room.

Scandinavian Design

Wool/Silk Throw

Similarly to the rope weave pillows, this wool and silk blend throw adds a huge amount of comfort! Making any living room instantly feel cozier.

Scandinavian Design

Velvet Throw Pillows

Velvet is both luxurious and soft to the touch! A gorgeous addition to any living room – plus they are available in multiple colors!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Jute Knit Pouf

If you need additional seating from time to time, this knitted pouf is for you! The jute material in this clay color brings a huge amount of warmth.

Scandinavian Design

Ribbed Ceramic Table Lamp

Lighting really is everything, and to create a cozy living room you’ll need both a decorative and low lit table lamp.

Scandinavian Design

Sectional Sofa

Another beautiful sectional sofa that features a deep seat design to create a cozy and warm living room! Perfect for adding color through accessories.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Oversized Faux Fur Throw

Faux fur throws are a classic for adding warmth and creating a cozy room! Amazing for living rooms and bedrooms too.

Scandinavian Design

Diamond Blue Pillows

Keeping the patterns subtle in your living room helps to create a cozier environment for relaxing. We love these pillows because they add a hint of color.

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