Entryway Styling

First impressions are important in terms of interior design because it sets the tone for the whole home! Even if you’re not regular entertainers or have many guests over, having a stylish, welcoming, and practical space is key.

In this Shop the Look feature I’m going to share my top tips and ideas on how you can create a stylish and practical Entryway Styling setup that you’ll love for years to come!

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How to Recognize Entryway Styling

The entryway is typically the first area of a home you walk into. This could be a designated room (may be referred to as the foyer instead) or an area of another room, like the living room for example.

Regardless of which setup you have in your home, having a practical area that helps you get ready and leave each morning, and quickly come into the home each evening, is super important.

You can use styling to your advantage here! There are lots of accessories available that can help to make your life easier in this area of the home. These often include small trays or catchalls for keys, storage baskets for shoes/scarves, etc, lamps, and a wall mirror for final checks.

Entryway Fun Facts:

Entryways are sometimes called “foyers” and “vestibules”, depending on the type of building or interior. For grand buildings, “foyer” is often used for describing a large entrance area within the building. Foyers typically refer to an entire room size that is designated to the transition space, whereas entryways are usually used to describe a small hallway-like area.

Generally speaking, having a foyer in your home used to be for the wealthy and upper class, and entryways were reserved for those with lower incomes. Nowadays, “entryway” is a more generalized term that is recognized by all.

The key to a successful and practical entryway space in any home is to clearly define the area. This is particularly important if you enter your home directly into a living space. Use a runner, a small area rug, and a storage solution like a console table, an all-in-one storage unit, or a bench with coat hooks above. You can supplement these furniture pieces with helpful accessories like small trays or catchalls.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Wall mirror
  • Tray or catchall
  • Lamp or wall sconce 
  • Practical and helpful accessories, like storage baskets
  • Durable runner

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Scandinavian Design

Set of Irregular Wall Mirrors

Add a set of irregular wall mirrors to your entryway to add visual interest to the area, while providing a mirror for final checks!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Black Square Table Lamp

Use a table lamp on your entryway table to provide soft lighting when you come home. This starts the styling off well for the entryway.

Scandinavian Design

Light Wash Nordic Bowl

Decorative bowls and catchalls are great for entryways because you can store keys and other small items in a stylish piece!

Scandinavian Design

Set of Contemporary Vases

Finish off your entryway area with a set of vases! They add a decorative touch to a practical area of the home.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Wool Wrap Pouf

Use a pouf or stool below or beside your entryway table to provide a stylish place to put on and take off shoes.

Scandinavian Design

Round Bone Inlay Wall Mirror

A stylish round mirror is a classic item for using in entryways! Add this decorative mirror above your console table to provide somewhere to do final checks before leaving.

Scandinavian Design

White Cane Ceramic Table Lamp

A textured table lamp makes a great addition to an entryway table!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

White Quartz Catchall

Use a stone catchall for keeping keys and other small objects in the entryway!

Scandinavian Design

Woven Storage Baskets (Set of 3)

No entry way is complete without some woven storage baskets! These can be used for storing all your accessories, shoes and extra coats.

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