Everyday Dining Table Centerpieces

Do you have a busy family home? If so, you may feel like you’re unable to have luxury home decor items because of the risk of them being broken. One area of the home that is prone to this is the everyday dining area or breakfast nook. Perhaps this is a dining table tucked into your kitchen. There are many everyday dining table centerpiece options that will still give you a luxurious look and feel without the high price tag. Using everyday centerpieces to finish off your dining table polishes off the area perfectly.  In this Shop the Look feature I’m going to share my top tips and ideas on everyday dining table centerpieces that are budget-friendly!

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How to Recognize an Everyday Dining Table Centerpiece

An everyday dining area is typically a breakfast nook or dining table within the kitchen itself. The everyday dining is a more casual space than a dining room which is generally more formal in design. For the everyday dining area, the table’s centerpiece is simple yet effective! This may include one decorative piece or a small cluster of items.

Fun Facts:

Everyday dining has evolved massively. The idea of a separate dining room began with the ancient Greeks who used to gather around stone benches to eat honey cakes. This then evolved as building techniques advanced, and by 1772 the first dining room was created. A room with a table in its center made entirely to dine, that was first introduced to homes of wealthy families. As time went on, this was passed through to the middle class and so on.

Now though, as our lifestyles have developed there are often multiple areas of the home that are used for eating. A dining room, breakfast nook, kitchen dining area, and even kitchen islands for quick meals. As these lifestyles evolve, and so does interior design, styling these dining tables – no matter how large or what shape they are – has become a huge part of finishing of the design. This is where table centerpieces come in!

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Trays to hold various decor items
  • Large vases with faux or real flowers   
  • Round bowls

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Scandinavian Design

Pure Recycled Glass Vase

Finish your everyday dining area off with a recycled glass vase! Display two different sizes with your favorite choice of fresh flowers or faux florals.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Black Bamboo Tray

Use a decorative tray as your main centerpiece and add small vases or candles to finish the look off.

Scandinavian Design

Colorful Jar Vases

If you have a neutral home, use the everyday dining table as an opportunity to introduce some color! These jar vases are perfect for this.

Scandinavian Design

Ceramic Clay Vases

Add some rustic color and texture to your everyday dining space with these ceramic clay vases!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Cotton and Lavender Arrangement

This beautiful cotton and lavender arrangement is ideal for any everyday dining table!

Scandinavian Design

2-Piece Glossy White Ceramic Vase Set

Displaying different sized vases on your everyday dining table helps to add visual interest to your space.

Scandinavian Design

Sunflower, Eucalyptus and Berry Potted Centerpiece

If keeping your decor neutral is your thing – add a faux floral arrangement like this one, to bring some greenery to your home.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Wooden Tray

Add a wooden tray to the center of your everyday dining table and display a vase, decorative bowl or candles on top to finish of the textured look!

Scandinavian Design

Handcrafted Bowls

A handcrafted decorative bowl is perfect for using as a dining table centerpiece! Add fresh fruit or scented potpourri to the center. 

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