Fish Tanks in Interior Design

Do you have kids that are desperate to have a pet or two?! Fish could be the perfect starting point! With easy maintenance, straightforward setup, and fun accessories to make the fish tank “look the part” – consider fish for your kids’ first pets! In this Shop the Look feature I’m going to share my top tips and ideas on how you can create a fun and creative Fish Tank that doesn’t compromise on style for the rest of your home!

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Room Design Ideas with Fish Tanks

Fish tanks are relatively easy to introduce into your home’s decor. Whether you’d like to add the tank to your living room, dining space or open plan area – there is somewhere perfect for your new fish! All you need is a console table, sideboard or buffet for the fish tank to sit on, and storage beneath for cleaning supplies fish food, and tank accessories. The size of tank required will depend on how many and what type of fish you purchase, but your local pet store should be able to give you recommendations.

Fun Facts:

Aside from the traditional “fish bowl” style tank, there are some great square and rectangular options available that even come with integrated storage cabinets or drawers below.

Introducing fish to your home is a great way for your kids to learn about responsibility and caring for animals in a simple and easy way. Fish make great first pets!

Make sure to speak to your local pet store about the type of tank you’ll need, the size, and other accessories best suited to the fish you are looking at purchasing. Always do thorough research and speak to professionals where possible.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Round bowl fish tanks
  • Linear or rectangular fish tanks   
  • Colorful or neutral pebbles/sand
  • Fish tank foliage

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Scandinavian Design

Rectangular Aquarium Stand

This aquarium stand is perfect for any area of the home because it looks like a normal storage cabinet! The storage area below provides a practical space to store fish tank accessories and supplies.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Round Aquarium Tank

Add a fun aquarium tank to your home with this round bowl style tank! Perfect for your kids first fish.

Scandinavian Design

Rectangle Aquarium Tank

Looking for something more modern? This fish tank adds a stylish touch to any room while providing your fish with a good sized home!

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