Gender Neutral Nursery Design

A popular topic in the interior design world right now is what is defined as a Gender Neutral Nursery, and how to create one at home! Not only do homeowners look for a practical space to care for their newborn, it should also be visually pleasing and not too specific to the gender. In this Shop the Look feature I’m going to share my top tips and ideas on how you can create a gender neutral nursery design that doesn’t compromise on functionality!

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How to Recognize a Gender Neutral Nursery

A gender-neutral nursery is typically decorated with either a girl or boy in mind. Therefore pinks and blues are avoided, and instead, more neutral colors are used! The way in which you design your nursery will depend largely on whether or not you know the gender of your baby and if you want to decorate with that in mind. Having a gender-neutral nursery allows your newborn to be creative and have the freedom to express themselves from a young age.

Fun Facts:

A gender neutral nursery has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. With the world becoming a more inclusive place for all, allowing our newborns to grow and be nurtured in an environment that doesn’t mold them into a “boy” or “girl” stereotype is another way of allowing freedom of expression. While our newborns grow over the first 12-24 months, they are susceptible to learning and picking up on things that we may not realize! 

Of course, the main reason why gender neutral nurseries are popular is that parents-to-be would rather wait for the surprise! And in some cases, even if they do know the gender of their baby, they would prefer to keep the space neutral in decoration. There are tasteful ways to bring gender into the space but it’s more muted than in previous years. Allowing your child to grow up in an undefined space, such as a gender-neutral nursery, encourages them to be themselves without any preconceived ideas.

Designing a gender neutral nursery can seem daunting because it takes away the obvious color schemes to work with. However, this means you can be more creative! Do you fancy a muted and relaxed atmosphere? Sage green would be a lovely option. Or perhaps you’re leaning more towards playful colors like yellow and orange? Try to keep the actual “colors” to bedding, wall decor, and accessories so they can be easily changed in the future. For furniture, opting for neutral colors like white, black or a timber finish will help keep the room feeling neutral.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Neutral colors and textures (avoiding the stereotypical blue and pink)
  • Wood finishes   
  • Playful and creative wall decor
  • Colorful fixtures and design

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Scandinavian Design

Natural and Gray Nursery Rocking Chair

No nursery is finished without a rocking chair! This neutrally finished one is perfect for creating a gender neutral space.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

"Once Upon A Time" Wall Art

Add softness to your nursery design with wall art framed in natural wood!

Scandinavian Design

Square Floor Pillow

Floor pillows are great to have on hand in a nursery! They add to the overall decor and provide a soft surface for playtime.

Scandinavian Design

Little Orange Triangle Curtains

These little triangle patterned curtains are great for neutral nursery designs! They add some color and visual interest.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Neutral Colorblock Geometric Rug

This colorblock area rug is perfect for creating a neutral nursery!

Scandinavian Design

Natural Convertible Crib

This convertible crib with toddler bed conversion is ideal for a gender neutral nursery because it can grow with them!

Scandinavian Design

Natural Wood Book Shelf

We love using wall mounted book shelves for nursery designs! A great storage opportunity for stuffed animals and story books.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Cotton Teepee Tent

Add a fun teepee tent to your nursery and watch your little one grow and continue to play in their own little safe space!

Scandinavian Design

Cloud Decorative Wall Shelf

This cloud wall shelf is ideal for nursery designs! Let the little ones dream and get inspired by nighttime stories.

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