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Do you have kids? My toddlers are four years old and are starting to show their personalities and individual interests which is so exciting! With this, my husband and I really want to encourage them with their interests and let their personalities shine. One way we are doing this is by individualizing their bedrooms! This is where Kids Bedding comes in! There are so many options out there, from plain shapes to full on colors and themes. In this Shop the Look feature I’m going to share my top tips and ideas on how you can use Kids Bedding to your advantage and create a fun and inspiring space for your kids!

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How to Recognize Kids’ Bedding

Kids’ bedding can actually many different forms! And this will hugely depend on the age that you’re shopping for. First, you will notice lots of themed bedding: dinosaurs, NASA or space-related, spider-man, princesses, horses, etc. Then there are other kids’ bedding that is more muted and less interest related, which usually take the form of colorful patterns: stripes, polka dots, texture, or abstract patterns.

Bedding Fun Facts:

Did you know that bed linen widely evolved in Egypt? It was seen as a symbol of light, purity, and prosperity around 3400 BC. In addition to that, the Egyptian mummies were wrapped in bed linen!

Since then, bedding has evolved enormously. With the various different elements that make up the term “bedding” such as comforters, shams, flat/top, and fitted sheets and pillows of all different shapes and sizes!

You can also fully customize your bedroom through the choice of bedding and completely switch up the look and feel of the space.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Themed Bedding, aligned to your kids’ interests
  • Patterned Bedding   
  • Colorful Accessories or Sheets

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Scandinavian Design

Floral Garden Comforter Set

This comforter set is ideal for kids who love the outdoors and spending time gardening! Use the colors used in this set to inspire the color for other sheets needed to finish off the look.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Painted Dots Sheet Set and Shams

Add an array of color to your kids bedroom with this colorful dots sheet and sham set! Finish off with a comforter that is a solid color from the print.

Scandinavian Design

Dinosaur Comforter Set

Carry on your kids interest of dinosaurs with this dino comforter set! Use plain sheets to complement and finish off the look.

Scandinavian Design

Astronaut Duvet Cover and Shams

Inject personality to your kids bedroom with this astronaut duvet cover and shams! Ideal for any science-loving kids.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Crinkle Pink Bedding

Add texture to your kids bedroom with this crinkle bedding set! Other colors are available too.

Scandinavian Design

Stripe Jacquard Duvet Cover and Shams

Add subtle color and texture to your kids bedroom with this striped duvet cover and shams set!

Scandinavian Design

Solid Cotton Sheet Set

Inject color to your kids bedroom with this vibrant sheet set! Other colors are available too.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Unicorn Comforter Set

Add a burst of happiness and sunshine to your kids bedroom with this unicorn inspired bedding set! Use complementary white or pink sheets, and a pink blanket to add extra warmth.

Scandinavian Design

Dancing Shapes Sheet Set

Use patterned sheets like this fun set, to add even more visual interest and personality into your kids bedding!

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