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Over the years we have designed a wide variety of interiors and have undertaken lots of training sessions on custom window treatments. While not every project requires custom solutions, there are some key materials that work beautifully at creating a layered window effect. One of our favorite window treatments is Linen Curtains!

In this Shop the Look feature I’m going to share my top tips and ideas on Linen Curtains so you can create the perfect look to your windows throughout the home.

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How to Recognize Linen Curtains

There are lots of different options for dressing windows these days. From different shades to drapery panels, there is something for everyone and every style of interior. Linen curtains create a classic look to any space. Whether they are pure linen, or blended with cotton, they have a soft and naturally textured look. Linen is made from flax fibers and is a very durable fabric.

Linen curtains can be lined to create a black out curtain if required, or left to create a sheer drapery panel to highlight the beautiful texture of the material.

Linen Curtains Fun Facts:

As a fabric, linen has been around since at least 3,000 BC! With it originating from Egypt, it was an extremely popular choice due to its ability to keep cool and fresh in warm weather. Back then it was mainly used as fabric for clothing. The process of making linen was intense and laborious, and therefore only the rich could afford to wear them.

Nowadays, linen is commonly used for clothing, as fabric, and window treatments! The weave-like texture gives linen an organic and natural quality to it, which helps to diversify a space.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Pure Linen Curtains
  • Striped Linen Curtains
  • Blackout Linen Curtains

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Scandinavian Design

Flax Linen and Luster Velvet Curtains

We love this linen and velvet curtain as it adds elegance and lots of texture into a space!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Sheer Linen Curtain

This set of sheer linen curtains are ideal for using in living spaces or the hallway for dressing the windows, and letting light through.

Scandinavian Design

Striped Linen/Cotton Blackout Curtain

If you love farmhouse inspired interiors, add a striped linen curtain to inject some color and farmhouse charm into the room!

Scandinavian Design

Flax Linen Embroidered Stripe Curtain

Add a striped linen curtain to your bedroom or living room to add some visual interest and color into the space.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Sheer Flax Linen Curtain

This beautiful sheer linen curtain adds texture and color into any interior! We love the variety of colors available too.

Scandinavian Design

Flax Linen Blackout Curtain

Available in a variety of colors, these blackout linen curtains are ideal for using in bedrooms to add texture and visual interest.

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