Modern Dining Room

A Modern Dining Room can be interpreted in different ways… But the principles are still the same no matter what your personal taste is for modern interior design. Modern interiors are sleek, in both the silhouettes of the furniture pieces and the materials used for upholstery. Modern spaces tend to be very neutral in color and materials, however there are many modern interiors that infuse brighter colors too. For this Shop the Look feature we will be looking at both to share with you how you can create a Modern Dining Room suited to your personal interior taste! Let’s take a closer look at how you can create a Modern Dining Room successfully…

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Modern Dining Room

Many people associate modern dining rooms with being simple and neutral – in both furniture pieces and color palette. While this is usually true, there are some beautiful modern dining rooms designed with additional colors that help to bring them to life, and use interesting metals and materials through the furniture. No matter which side of the modern interior spectrum you are on, there are a few key aspects of the design that is prevailing. 

Modern interiors are largely made up of grays, blacks, white,s and creams. You can inject color into these interiors though to make them more “you”.

Fun Facts:

According to historians, the term “Dining Room” originates from the ancient Greeks. They used to gather on stone or wooden couches to eat cakes. However there is also evidence to suggest that the first American home to have a room specifically for dining was dated back to 1772. Following this, the “Dining Room” was incorporated into wealthy homes across the country. A simple room with just a dining table in its center formed what we know today as the Dining Room.

Nowadays, the Dining Room can take on many different activities in the home… From dining, eating, and nourishing our bodies right through to celebrating milestones with loved ones and share experiences and stories with others.

Specifically relating to the design of dining rooms, the principle has always remained the same – a large table sits in the center of the room, with chairs surrounding it. “Modern” dining rooms have only evolved during the last decade or so, as a way of describing the style of the room as a whole.

Modern design principles include balance, contrast, repetition, and white space. Above all, the design is quite simple and minimal while emphasizing function and materials.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Simple furniture silhouettes
  • Neutral colors
  • Matching materials
  • White space
  • Colors added to inject personality

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Velvet Dining Chair

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