Modern Family Room Design

Many of my clients are families looking to create more functional spaces for everyone to enjoy. One of these rooms is the Family Room! Striking the right balance between function and a space looking good can be difficult, especially for a family room. In this Shop the Look feature I’m sharing my top tips on how you can create a modern family room design that doesn’t compromise on functionality!

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How to Recognize a Modern Family Room

Typically, a modern family room will have furniture that features simple and linear silhouettes. Coupled with textiles and accessories to emphasize comfort. These family rooms are likely to have large sectional sofas upholstered in leather or a durable fabric. Soft lighting, or s flexible lighting scheme will also be installed here.

Fun Facts:

A modern family room design doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a large sectional sofa if this doesn’t suit your needs or space. You can create a modern family room with standard sofas and armchairs if you have one main living area of the home. However, you should choose a style that features a deeper seat and consider whether a chaise would be beneficial for you. Use upholstered poufs or ottomans to supplement the room with more seating.

Family rooms have become more and more popular over the last 10-20 years as an in-between living room and cinema room. It is typically a space where all the family can gather comfortably and enjoy watching movies, TV shows, or playing in a comfortable space that isn’t the main or formal living room. The design of family rooms tends to be more relaxed than a living room as the focus gets put on comfort and functionality more so than looks.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Large and deep sectional sofas
  • Accessories that bring texture and warmth  
  • Soft and flexible lighting
  • Television for watching TV shows and movies

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Scandinavian Design

Deep Chaise Sectional

This deep chaise sectional sofa will add comfort to any family room! The modern silhouette is perfect for any space.

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Modern TV Stand

Add a modern touch to your family room with this dual-tone TV stand!

Scandinavian Design

Abstract Modern Area Rug

Adding an abstract and soft area rug to your family room brings color and texture while also maintaining a modern look.

Scandinavian Design

Granite and Gold Abstract Area Rug

Extra comfort and color has never been easier with area rugs! We love this one as it will work in many spaces.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Woven Cotton Cream Throw Blanket

No family room is complete without some soft textiles! Throw blankets add texture, color and comfort.

Scandinavian Design

Storage Ottoman with Casters

Use an upholstered ottoman like this one to complete your family room! The integrated storage is an added bonus.

Scandinavian Design

Floating TV Stand

Choose a floating TV stand to create a minimal and modern family room. This one features extra storage!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Deep Sectional Sofa

Another deep sectional sofa option for modern family rooms – this sofa adds comfort to the max!

Scandinavian Design

Square Storage Basket

Storage baskets help to keep kids toys organized when they’re not in use and also adds to the overall decor of the room.

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