Outdoor Lounging

Summer is right around the corner now making it the perfect time to start thinking about your outdoor spaces! Creating an Outdoor Lounging area for your home is a sure way of setting your space up for success for the warmer months. Whether you have a large family, love to entertain on hot summer days, or simply like to soak up Vitamin D, an outdoor lounging space is essential. In this Shop the Look feature I’m going to share my top tips and ideas on Outdoor Lounging so you can create your perfect outdoor space for the summer!

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Creating the Perfect Outdoor Lounge Space

Outdoor Lounging is typically a designated area of your outside space (a patio, covered porch area, or somewhere paved out) and comprises of lounging furniture. This could be anything from outdoor sectionals and big lounge chairs to hammocks! Above all, the outdoor lounging space is casual, and personal to you and how you use your outdoor space (entertaining or personal use).

Backyard Fun Facts:

Did you know that the backyard dates way back to AD 43?! Back then the furniture was very basic, usually only consisting of an uncomfortable stone or wooden bench during the Roman and Greek eras. According to many sources, the oldest surviving examples of outdoor furniture were found in the ancient gardens of Pompeii in Italy. Even then though, having an outdoor space, let alone furniture for them, was considered a place of luxury to relax.

It was only during the 17th Century that new furniture ideas began to take shape for the outdoor spaces. The idea that furniture shouldn’t be confined to the inside started to spark more comfortable outdoor furniture solutions. Public parks and gardens emerged during the 19th Century which increased the demand for outdoor furniture even more.

Nowadays, outdoor spaces are an integral part of our lives! Influencing house prices, and are a standard when looking for a hotel with outdoor facilities. Creating an outdoor lounging area for your home is a key part of enjoying the outdoors, which we all know does wonders for our health.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Outdoor sectional sofas
  • Big lounge chairs
  • Soft textiles (outdoor fabrics)
  • Hammocks

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Scandinavian Design

Outdoor Furniture Set with Cushions

Finish your outdoor lounge area off with this furniture set that comes with handy decorative cushions!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

All-Weather Wicker Swivel Chair

Use wicker lounge chairs and sofas to complete your outdoor lounging look! This one swivels making it fun for all the family!

Scandinavian Design

Double Weaved Fringed Hammock

Add some color to your outdoor area with this double weaved fringed hammock! Perfect for using in a covered area and providing a different type of comfort.

Scandinavian Design

Heavy Duty Family Sized Hammock

This heavy duty family sized hammock is a fun and textured piece to add to your backyard lounging space!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair

This beautiful wicker tear drop hanging chair is ideal for any outdoor lounging area!

Scandinavian Design

Chaise Lounger

Large outdoor furniture is key for creating a comfortable space for all your family and friends to enjoy during the warmer weather. We love this chaise lounger! 

Personalize Your Space

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