Pantry Organization


An element of home and interior design that can often get forgotten about is organization! But without it, or any form of order in cabinets, closets, or the pantry, things can quickly escalate into chaos. Kids can’t find their favorite snacks, or you can’t find the pasta that needs eating up first… It can quickly become a mess, making everyday tasks difficult too.

In this Shop the Look feature I’m going to share my top tips and ideas on Pantry Organization so you can create the perfect pantry that is functional, and relatively aesthetically pleasing too!

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How to Recognize Pantry Organization

Every household will have their different opinions on what is seen to be “organized” or not. And that’s okay – we’re all different! With differing habits and styles of going out our everyday. But generally speaking there has to be some sort of order to a pantry for it to be organized.

Typically, an organized pantry will look somewhat similar to shelves in the grocery store! There will be shelves full of canned and dried foods stacked in an organized way. Some see an organized pantry as having different containers to store these dried foods to create a more visually pleasing look. But for busy families this isn’t always necessary.

So long as you can see what you have, can find what you need without too much trouble, and have a place for everything – you have an organized pantry.

Pantry Fun Facts:

The Pantry dates back as early as the 17th and 18th Centuries! It was a small room off to the side of the kitchen for food storage, particularly for meats and bread. Pantries evolved from early Colonial American “butteries” that were built in a cold north corner of a colonial home.

Pantries have been a home design staple for many years, as they provide a great space to store food, drinks, crockery, and other kitchen accessories.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Containers with Lids
  • Labelled Glass Jars
  • Storage for surplus stock
  • Food Baskets
  • Additional Baskets

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Scandinavian Design

Over-the-Door Rack Organizer

Use an over the door rack organizer to maximize the space behind your pantry door! Ideal for storing smaller items.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Turntable Storage Organizer

This turntable organizer is perfect for using in the pantry or kitchen to store smaller canisters or spices.

Scandinavian Design

Large Wire Basket

Large wire baskets like this are ideal for using to store potatoes and other vegetables.

Scandinavian Design

Onion Baskets (Set of 2)

This set of wall mounted onion baskets are perfect for using in the pantry to store potatoes, onions, or other vegetables!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Airtight Containers (Set of 32)

Invest in a large set of airtight containers to start organizing your pantry like a pro! This set of 32 containers also comes with labels.

Scandinavian Design

Olivewood and Glass Canisters

A glass canister with wood lids are ideal for storing dried foods like nuts and seeds.

Scandinavian Design

Large Airtight Storage Canisters

Add some large airtight canisters to your pantry to store dried foods like pasta, sugar, and flour!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Rattan Storage Baskets

Rattan storage baskets are perfect for using in the pantry to store surplus foods or boxes. You can even use these to store extra fresh food in too!

Scandinavian Design

White Storage Basket

This white storage basket is another great alternative for storing food and excess boxes.

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