Pet Areas Within The Home

Do you have a four-legged friend that’s an extra member of the family? As pets become a member of the family, they should have their own area of the home too! This doesn’t necessarily mean a designated bedroom for them (unless you so wish and have the space!) but having an area of the home that is full of their toys, bed, blankets, and other comforts, helps to keep them feeling settled.

In this Shop the Look feature I’m going to share my top tips and ideas on how you can create a a pet area within the home that doesn’t compromise on style!

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How to Recognize a Pet Area

A pet area is typically a corner (or several dotted throughout a home) in a space that has all the comforts and toys your pet may need. You may not realize the pet area at first because toys will be stored within baskets or boxes, and blankets neatly stored away in a unit. Depending on the space available, there may also be a bed designated to the pet too!

Fun Facts:

As humans, we started keeping pets over 12,000 years ago! Animals provided us with protection and service back in those days, particularly for farmers or those hunting. Dogs used to keep track of the herd, while cats would hunt and kill rodents to protect humans from any disease they would be carrying.

Keeping animals as pets (and not for a specific purpose as above) is a more recent thing – during the 18th and 19th centuries we saw more people keep animals as pets.

Nowadays, it is very popular to have pets! From cats, dogs, rabbits, to other smaller animals, they bring so much joy to their owners’ lives. Pets quickly become a huge part of the family, with many of us creating little corners within our living rooms for them to enjoy.

The key to a successful pet area in any home is to define the area with their toys, blankets, and a bed. This will make your pet to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the day, even when you’re not there. Having a designated pet area in your home will help you to keep toys stored away at the end of each day.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Bed for the pet
  • Blankets 
  • Toy box
  • Storage basket

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Scandinavian Design

Sherpa Faux Fur 3-in-1 Pet Bed

Use a plush and comfortable pet bed to start defining the pet area within your home. This faux sherpa fur one is ideal for modern homes!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Pet Toy Basket

A pet toy basket is perfect for adding into a pet area because it keeps all of their toys in one place! When they’re not in use of course…

Scandinavian Design

Sherpa Pet Throw

Use a pet throw to add extra comfort to their bed, or as a protective layer on the couch!

Scandinavian Design

Rectangular Pet Bin

Pet areas aren’t complete without a toy box or storage bin! Pet bins like this gray one are ideal for storing blankets or extra toys in.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Dog Sofa with Removable Cushion

This dog sofa will make your four-legged friend feel even more a part of the family!

Scandinavian Design

Embossed Bone Print Blanket

Treat your pet to this super soft and plush blanket!

Scandinavian Design

Fleece Dog Blanket

Another great pet blanket option is one that is double-sided like this one! This fleece soft blanket is perfect for pets to curl up in.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Fabric Basket

Fabric baskets like this one are ideal for storing pet toys in!

Scandinavian Design

Stripe Dog Lounger

A fun alternative to a pet bed is this stripe pattern lounger! Perfect for having on the floor or couch to make your pet friend feel at home with you.

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