Powder Room Decorating

Creating a unique and creative Powder Room has been a very popular request from many of our clients and is widely discussed online too. Today I wanted to share some creative ideas for your powder room design if you want to stand out from the crowd. Let’s explore some design ideas!

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Powder Room Decorating

Typically, a powder room is the smallest bathroom in the home and while many homeowners keep the design simple, I love to get creative and design something completely different for the space. Mixing up tiling with shiplap panelling, or installing a statement wall covering can instantly lift the whole room! Plus, it’s completely unexpected and provides visual interest.

Fun Facts:

Redecorating your powder room will be personal to each homeowner, and that’s part of the beauty with design! You can make your home whatever you want it to be and feel depending on your lifestyle.

If you really want to embrace something completely different to the rest of your home, look at painting the whole powder room in a deep and dark statement paint color. You can paint all the walls, ceiling, and trim work too!

Fancy adding some pattern for a change? Use a wallcovering on all the walls and embrace the colors and accents used within it as these can influence any paint color or accessories needed to finish off the room.

Alternatively if you need your powder room to be a practical space, explore some statement geometric tiles and consider using shiplap wall panelling too for something different.

Remember to accessorize the space with a feature wall mirror – think contrasting metal finishes and unusual shapes – and wall sconces!

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Dark or rich tones of colors
  • Statement wall covering  
  • Geometric or statement tiling
  • Wall panelling or shiplap
  • Feature wall mirror
  • Unique wall sconces

You might like:

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Scandinavian Design

"Eye See You" Wallpaper

Make a statement in your powder room with this eye see you wallpaper! Perfect for applying to all four walls and using low lighting to emphasise the walls.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Black Rattan Mirror

Add an unusual wall mirror to set the tone of the powder room.

Scandinavian Design

Brass Wall Sconce

Adding contrasting wall lights will emphasise your powder room’s design!

Scandinavian Design

Industrial Wall Sconces

These industrial style wall sconces are perfect for anyone looking to create a moody atmosphere in their powder room!

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Sunburst Wall Mirror

If statement wallpaper wasn’t enough, use a feature mirror like this distressed silver sunburst one!

Scandinavian Design

Black and White Wallpaper

Embrace your eclectic side with this fun black and white wallpaper! Great for using above shiplap wall panelling.

Personalize Your Space

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