Sassy Bookcase Styling

Bookcase styling often takes different routes depending on your personal taste and of course how many books you own! But today I’m focusing on the term of sassy bookcase styling that features more stylish decorative accessories to make the bookcase a statement in the room. Let’s take a closer look at how you can create a sassy bookcase styling successfully. 

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Sassy Bookcase Styling

Styling your bookcase is much easier than you may think… Think about those interests or hobbies that you are passionate about and source unique accessories that reflect them. Styling your bookcase with items that are personal to you and your family can make a huge difference to the appearance of the bookcase! 

You can either use items that coordinate with the colors used within that room or curate the whole bookcase with a color pallet of your own.

Fun Facts:

The books we own are said to say a lot about who we are as individuals. And so it’s only right that they should take center stage in our homes!

Bookcases originated from as early as the 1600s but they were only associated with the wealthy. Built-in libraries of the wealthy to be specific.

Now though, bookcases are found in almost every home in some form or another… Whether they are built-in pieces of cabinetry, freestanding, or as a leaning floor shelf.

Traditionally the bookcase stores books and magazines but nowadays they can make a statement in a room by being well styled with the use of books, plants, clocks, bookends, and decorative accessories.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Interesting book ends
  • Indoor plants in interesting pots
  • Small table clocks
  • Decorative accessories
  • Family photo frames
  • Your book collection!

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