Shower Fixtures That Wow

Are you redesigning your bathroom? Or considering a remodel? Aside from the main materials used on the floor, walls, and vanity unit, you will need to choose shower fixtures! But did you know that the fixtures you choose can absolutely “wow” yourself and guests? In this Shop the Look feature I’m going to share my top tips and ideas on Shower Fixtures That Wow, so you can create a stylish bathroom that doesn’t compromise on functionality!

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How to Recognize Shower Fixtures That Wow

Shower fixtures typically include a shower head and controls. However if you want the shower fixtures to totally wow you, then you should consider adding an additional shower head (so you have a combination of wall mounted and ceiling mounted), different control valves, and even body jets! You can easily create a spa-like shower by adding extra elements to enhance your shower. 

Hand held showers are both practical for cleaning, and helpful while using the shower. If you normally have a wall mounted shower head, go a size up or even upgrade to a rain shower head for a fuller shower feel.

Fun Facts:

Have you ever considered where the shower originates from? They can be traced back to as early as the stone age where waterfalls were used as natural showers. This was far more efficient than using standing water from rivers or lakes. Then it was the ancient Egyptians that started to use jugs as a way of washing.

It was the Greeks that were then considered the inventors of the shower. They had access to running water and sewage systems, so they introduced a showering system that utilized aqueducts. This was made into a social activity with bath houses that provided shower rooms.

However in the 18th Century, the Black Death completely changed everyone’s view on cleaning. William Feetham designed and built the world’s first mechanical shower. Although it was pumped with cold and dirty water, the concept of the shower was born – a basin to stand in with an overhead tank where water would pour. This concept was built upon and used heavily by the wealthy. 

It was during the 20th Century where a new era of the shower was born. Indoor plumbing was introduced, and fresh water readily available. There was a freestanding shower space and a running water source.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Hand-held shower
  • Main shower head – choosing a waterfall style if possible
  • Body jets
  • Multiple control valves

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