Trendy Kitchen Stool Design

Adding a decorative touch to your kitchen has never been easier if you have an island or peninsula! Trendy Kitchen Stools can elevate your kitchen space if chosen correctly. In this Shop the Look feature I’m going to share my top tips and ideas on how you can use Trendy Kitchen Stools to create a stylish and luxurious kitchen design that doesn’t compromise on functionality!

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How to Recognize a Trendy Kitchen Stool

A trendy kitchen stool can look very different to everyone as our opinions on what “trendy” is can differ hugely! But there are some key characteristics that feature in all trendy kitchen stools. Typically this will be a decorative element to the design, such as a metal finish to legs and/or detailing, an upholstered seat, or a stylish wood seat or legs. These elements could be used together, or individually on a kitchen stool to make it trendy! 

Fun Facts:

Stools are one of the oldest pieces of wooden furniture, dating back to the 10th-14th centuries! Typically these were very basic wooden stools used by craftsmen and artisans.

Nowadays, counter and bar stools are standard seating featured in kitchen designs and many hospitality environments (restaurants, and bars).

The key to choosing a kitchen stool for your home is to ensure that the seat height is appropriate for where the piece will be (either bar or counter height), and to choose a style that you love. You could use finishes that are already featured in the space, like brass, nickel, matte black, etc. Or choose a contrasting finish to create an element of surprise! It’s important to consider how long someone will be sitting at the kitchen island as to whether back support or an upholstered seat is required.

Style Clues

This style often includes:

  • Upholstered seat
  • Metal legs or detailing
  • Natural / Organic wooden seat

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Scandinavian Design

Upholstered Counter Stool

This counter stool is both stylish and practical! With a fully upholstered seat and back, this makes a comfortable stool for any kitchen.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Upholstered Counter Stool

Another great upholstered counter stool option! With a more timeless style.

Metal Frame Stool

We love this stool because the metal detailing extends to the back of the upholstered seat, making this a trendy and comfortable option.

Scandinavian Design

Wood Seat Stools

This trendy style of stool features tapered metal legs and a sculpted wooden seat! Perfect for adding texture and warmth into your kitchen.

Scandinavian Design Chairs

Solid Wood Stool

A solid wood stool like this one, is trendy, stylish, and comfortable! Add a cushion pad for extra comfort.

Velvet and Brass Stool

This velvet upholstered stool has brass legs which makes it a super trendy combination!

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