I love these wooden outdoor chairs because they are the perfect size for a small porch! These chairs will last a lifetime because of the durable finish. 

As the weather starts to warm up now that we’re into Spring, it’s a great time to think about our outdoor spaces and get them ready for the summer months. For many homeowners space is a premium and therefore needs to get creative with clever storage ideas indoors but also approach exterior areas in a similar way… And an area that often gets overlooked is the front porch.

I myself have a front porch that’s on the smaller side… But as my kids start growing up I’d love to be able to sit down and enjoy watching them color with chalk or run around with the other kids in the neighborhood. It’s time that I thought about ideas for this outdoor space, and while I’ve been researching ideas I decided to share them with you too.

Here are some quick, easy, and (hopefully!) inexpensive small porch décor ideas!

As always – I have included my favorite finds throughout the post to help illustrate these ideas. You may also find my Shop the Look feature helpful as well.


Seating Options


This two-pack of rattan outdoor chairs are stackable making them a great addition for any small porch area… A comfortable addition for your visitors and neighbors.  

The front porch is an outdoor area that should be flexible depending on not only the time of year but the activity you want to do there. One of the most popular uses for the front porch is of course sitting down, perhaps reading a good book, or simply watching the world go by. If you have kids like me ,then it’s a great place to sit and watch over the kids playing in the front yard.

Getting the right seating for your front porch is hugely important. Depending on the size available on your front porch, you should consider smaller-sized seating that doesn’t have any bulky areas to the frame or cushioning. You could compliment this smaller-sized seating with a small outdoor side table for putting drinks down.

Another seating idea for the front porch is stackable chairs. This is great if you often have friends or neighbors popping by. Simple chairs that are stackable will save you some space but also provide others with a resting point.

Despite having a small porch, there are some great ways to make the most of it. Different styles of seating that are easy to store away, and creative planting options to add some greenery.



I love this modern, sleek planter! They come with railing brackets so they overhang and therefore don’t take up any valuable porch floor space. 


While it may be tempting to fill your front porch with lots of different potted plants, this can look overcrowded and too busy for such a small space. Instead, try to keep your outdoor plants neatly potted in thin linear planters.

Not only are planters a modern addition to your porch area, but they also create beautiful flower and plant displays. If your porch is on the really small side, you can get planters that hang over the handrails and will make your porch look beautiful from both sides!

I also love using wall-hanging planters in between windows to add greenery to different heights of the front porch.

This set of 2 hanging planters are perfect for small porches! Such an easy way of adding some greenery to your outside area at a different height. 


Front Door Décor

This blog post wouldn’t be complete without discussing some décor ideas for the front door itself! Alongside your front porch, this is what visitors first see when approaching your home.

Having a good outdoor front door mat for guests to stomp wet and dirty shoes is a must-have particularly for the winter months but also acts as a decorative piece during the warmer months too.

Here at Innovatus Design, we’re also huge fans of front door wreaths! There are so many different sizes and styles available to suit each door and season of the year and I love nothing better than swapping our Winter wreath for a more colorful and lighter Spring or Summer wreath when the weather starts to turn. There’s something so warming about coming home and being greeted with a decorative front door wreath.

These outdoor string lights are a fun and creative addition to any outdoor area. Hang in the porch roof area for those warm summer nights. 

You may also find my blog post on Front Door Wreaths for Spring helpful!




Another key aspect of decorating your small front porch is the lighting. Initially, you may completely rule out different lights for the porch area but they can really make the space come to life!

Firstly it’s really important to have a wall sconce installed either above or on either side of the front door to illuminate the door in the evening.

Finding anti-rust outdoor lights is really important, and this modern set of 2 porch sconces do just that! Perfect for illuminating your porch and front door area. 

You can then build out from the front door area with some other creative lighting options… Think outdoor grade string lights draped to the underside of the porch roof, lanterns, or small outdoor lights that sit on the top of the posts.



I hope you have enjoyed browsing through these small porch décor ideas and have helped you to plan some upgrades for your porch this Spring! How are you planning to upgrade your small porch this year? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!